Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Review: Sweet Dreams, Lil Paw by Bruce Dierking


Genre: Children's 1-4
Pages: 24
Published: December 1, 2022

It's hard being the youngest and smallest one in the family. Especially when your bedtime comes first, and you are feeling sad and afraid. Lil is just a pup, but she's got big dreams, and nothing is going to hold her back! Sweet Dreams, Lil Paw is the first book in the Power Paws series, a collection of children's stories designed to grow with its readers from birth to age 10 by evolving in complexity and maturity to track with a child's intellectual and emotional growth and reading abilities.

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley. This is my honest review. 

This book had very few words and made me think of the See Spot Run primers. The story was different, but the language mechanics felt pretty much the same. They weren't repetitive like See Spot Run, but it had a very basic, simple word choice throughout. I would definitely use this book with a budding reader. 

The illustrations had a very soft quality to them, almost like they were drawn in clouds. They seemed very fluffy and even though I'm not a dog person, they made me want to cuddle the dogs, just a little bit. 

Overall I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. - Katie 

I am a children's book author, retired lawyer, entrepreneur, former teacher, husband, father, and aspiring grandfather, though not necessarily in that order. I love children, making up stories, books, language, and word play. I have a goofy sense of humor and love a good pun (or a bad one!). I live on a small acreage in Hygiene, Colorado with my wife and co-conspirator in life of over 35 years.

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