Wednesday, December 14, 2022

#31DaysOfChristmas: Hometown Holiday


Watched on: Christmas+
Duration: 1 hour 24 minutes
Originally aired: November 9, 2018
Directed by: Justin G. Dyck
Starring: Sarah Troyer, Bradley Hamilton and Kevin McGarry
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Krista is starting this New Year with a new business and a resolution to be more selective with who she dates. When Krista meets Ryan Rourke, an entertainment lawyer from LA, the two really hit it off. Ryan is in her hometown to sign a local rancher turned viral signing sensation as his new client. Now with Krista also in Rust Creek, maybe there is more of a reason to stick around. Both are holding onto things from their past and are forced to make some decisions if they truly want to be together.


Ryan is trying to sign a deal to represent some small town rancher after his kid posted a video of him singing and it went viral. The rancher isn't interested in fame or fortune, however, and resists everyone's efforts to land him. But Ryan's sister just so happens to live in the same small town, giving Ryan the perfect in. 

Sis isn't dumb though, so when Ryan comes to visit she invites him to a wedding that the rancher will be attending because everyone in town is going to be there. I've got to give Ryan credit, because he protests, saying he can't just show up at a couple strangers' wedding. Sis convinces him it will be fine.

At the wedding he meets Krista, a former actress, and sparks fly. There's just one problem...Ryan has a girlfriend back home. But he can't break the "you don't stop dancing until the music stops" tradition that this town has for weddings, apparently. 

This movie features a Christmas play, a serious misunderstanding, and a very helpful sister. But it's not a Christmas movie. It's perfectly pleasant as a standard romance, but it doesn't have enough of the holiday magic to qualify for me this year. 


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