Thursday, December 29, 2022

Review: I'm Not Scared No Way by Kimberly Pattison


Genre: Children's 3-7
Published: September 15, 2022
Pages: 27

Is your child feeling anxious over the idea of getting their hair cut?

This beautifully illustrated keepsake book, 
I'm Not Scared, No Way! helps calm a child's fear by preparing them for the new experience and walking them through the process.

You will find a keepsake certificate for their first haircut at the end of the book along with a place for a photo and a lock of the child's hair. What a great gift for an adult child with the lock of their hair and memorialized date of their first hair cut.

Grab your copy today - a great gift for a new mom, friend or family member with a toddler.

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley. This is my honest review. 

This was a cute rhyming story about a boy going to get his first haircut. He's clearly nervous about the experience, but tries to put on a brave face anyway. Kind of a fake it til you make it sort of thing. In the end, he realizes that getting his hair cut wasn't so scary after all, and he really likes his new hairdo. I never realized that getting a first haircut would be a scary event for a child because both of my children were barely one when they got their first cuts. My son's nickname wasn't Fabio for for nothing. But as the author is a long time hairdresser, I'm sure she's seen it all, so I trust she knows what she's talking about. 

The illustrations were unfortunately chopped up on my device and hard to view. From what I could see, they were colorful with soft edges and tones, not bold, brash in your face colors. I wish I could say more about them, but I can't. 

This is probably a book you wouldn't need to read to your kids several times, but kids can be weird so what do I know. Overall I give it 3.6 out of 5 stars. - Katie 

Kimberly Pellerin Pattison has been a hairdresser for 35 years . She has witnessed first hand the fear young children can express at the thought of getting their hair cut .

Having been a mother to three and now a (Sweetie) to her grandchildren , she is reminded of the importance of talking to children about their potentially scary life events .

Kimberly was drawn to writing this book hoping to show children that it’s okay to feel fear but it’s even better to conquer those fears .

She also hopes this book reminds parents to teach their children “THERE’S NOTHING THEY CAN’T DO.”

This book will also be a great keepsake with placement in the back for a lock of your child’s hair and certificate of achievement .

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