Thursday, December 15, 2022

#31DaysOfChristmas: Miracle on Christmas

Watched on: Christmas+
Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes
Originally aired: November 1, 2020
Directed by: Thomas Bonifield
Starring: Erin Bethea, Jason Burkey and Brett Varvel
Please see IMDb for full cast and crew information. 


The holiday spirit seems distant for the Boyce family until an unexpected visitor and miracle change everything on Christmas Day.


This is not a Christmas romance as the main couple is already married. They are hosting Christmas dinner but going through some serious shiz. Her dad passed away sometime within the past year (I think it was near Christmas) and they've recently found out some bad news about one of them.

At the Christmas service at church, the family is introduced to a new guy in town doing work over the holidays. They invite him to the family dinner and then the story really begins. 

This movie features decorating on Christmas Day (but I was left wondering what the heck the point is of that because you're just going to turn right around and take all the decorations down again), an annual football match, a major family squabble, and Christmas carolers. 

While this movie doesn't have all the magic of a holiday rom-com, this type of family event would typically only happen a few times a year, maybe. So I'm going to go ahead and call this one a holiday movie, but somewhat grudgingly. - Katie 


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