Monday, December 3, 2018

*31 Days of Christmas* A Majestic Christmas

Thanksgiving is over and the countdown to Christmas has officially begun (at least in my house). I don't limit myself to just reading cheesy Christmas romances during this time of year. Oh no. I also find myself binge watching Christmas movies on Netflix and the Hallmark Channel. And I thought, why not incorporate that into my blog as well. So I give you the 31 Days of Christmas (which will be much easier to accomplish with movies than books like I've tried to do in past years).

Next up is A Majestic Christmas.

Watched on: Hallmark
Duration: 2 hours with commercials
Originally aired on: 2 December 2018
Directed by: Pat Kiely
Starring: Jerrika Hinton, Christian Vincent, and Adaya Ariana
Please see IMDb for full cast and crew info.


Christmas in the charming town of Briar Falls will be bittersweet this year when architect Nell goes back to her hometown having been given the job of turning the historic Majestic Playhouse into a modern multiplex, much to the town’s objections. This job is Nell’s first promotion, and one she wishes she hadn’t been chosen for, especially when she meets the new owner of the theater, Connor, whose vision and ideas clash with Nell’s. Since Connor hasn’t had much experience celebrating Christmas, Nell hopes that if she can give him a crash course in Christmas during the town’s Twelve Day Festival, that he might just change his mind about modernizing the Majestic.


This is a rare holiday romance where while the heroine is a very hard worker, she still fully embraces the Christmas spirit, in fact, she almost seems to go overboard with it at times. In any case, she has made it her mission to show Connor the true magic of Christmas in an attempt to save the Majestic Playhouse. 

Nell and Connor get off to the standard rocky start that we expect, and it is compounded when Nell realizes that Connor wants to completely change her beloved Majestic Playhouse from her hometown. Nell is quite the optimist though, and jumps into the project whole-heartedly, trying to inject at least a bit of her own vision every step of the way. Unfortunately for her, the customer is always right and she has to bow to his wishes, which greatly upsets most of the town. 

But Nell is very sneaky, scheduling most of her early meetings with Connor to coincide with the town's daily 12 Days of Christmas events, forcing him to be involved, at least tangentially, and it really starts to thaw his frozen heart. 

This movie includes ice skating, a snowball fight, spontaneous dancing in the street, and a traditional town performance that is saved near the last minute. 

I could see this becoming part of a yearly Christmas binge, and I probably wouldn't turn it off if I caught a repeat showing later this year either, just saying. 

My Rating
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