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*31 Days of Christmas* Cancel Christmas Movie Review

Thanksgiving is over and the countdown to Christmas has officially begun (at least in my house). I don't limit myself to just reading cheesy Christmas romances during this time of year. Oh no. I also find myself binge watching Christmas movies on Netflix and the Hallmark Channel. And I thought, why not incorporate that into my blog as well. So I give you the 31 Days of Christmas (which will be much easier to accomplish with movies than books like I've tried to do in past years).

First up is Cancel Christmas.


Watched: On Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes
Originally aired: 13 November 2011 (in the US)
Directed by: John Bradshaw
Starring: Judd Nelson, Justin Landry, & Natalie Brown
Please see IMDb for full cast and crew info.


Santa Claus discovers children have become too greedy and must prove otherwise before his favorite holiday is canceled. Santa's mission is to teach two incorrigible children the importance of charity.


Y'all. I was all set and ready for a great, heartwarming, cheesy start to the holiday season, and I didn't get it from Cancel Christmas. This movie was heartwarming (it drug a few tears from my eyes), but great and cheesy it was not. 

The first problem for me is that there was no romance (although I have no right to complain about this because nothing about this cover indicates there will be). Romantic love just seems to be such an integral part of so many of my favorite cheesy Christmas movies, that I apparently need it to feel fully satisfied at this point. 

My second problem was that Santa just seemed creepy to me, for pretty much the whole movie. I get that he was under a lot of pressure here, but Santa is supposed to be a jolly guy, and that was completely missing in this movie. The saving grace on that score was Randall, his elf. Randall was definitely one of the few highlights of the movie for me, and what a highlight he was.

Another highlight for me was the movie's take on real Santa's appearance to different individuals. Basically everybody gets the Santa that they deserve, and if you choose to watch the movie too, you'll understand what I mean by that. 

I also appreciated the message of this movie about the spirit of Christmas being about giving rather than receiving, and how that message was presented to the children in the movie. I feel like kids these days could definitely benefit from that and having it pointed out that giving gifts doesn't necessarily require money to be spent. 

So although I had some rather large issue with this movie, it wasn't all bad, it just wasn't the home run I was hoping for right off the bat. 

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