Tuesday, December 4, 2018

*31 Days of Christmas* Finding Santa

Thanksgiving is over and the countdown to Christmas has officially begun (at least in my house). I don't limit myself to just reading cheesy Christmas romances during this time of year. Oh no. I also find myself binge watching Christmas movies on Netflix and the Hallmark Channel. And I thought, why not incorporate that into my blog as well. So I give you the 31 Days of Christmas (which will be much easier to accomplish with movies than books like I've tried to do in past years).

Next up is Finding Santa.

Watched on: Hallmark
Duration: 1 hour. 30 minutes
Originally aired on: 9 November 2018
Directed by: David Winning
Starring: Eric Winter, Jodie Sweetin, and Jay Brazeau
Please see IMDb for full cast and crew info.


Grace, a single woman who lives and breathes Christmas 365 days a year, has been in charge of her small New England town’s famous Christmas parade since she moved back home and took over for her late parent’s Christmas store. When the long-standing Santa in the parade, Tom, falls and hurts himself, Grace is on a mission to find the perfect replacement in time for the televised broadcast. The only option is Tom’s son Ben, who hates Christmas. As Grace and Ben come together in their festive hometown, she inspires him to find his Christmas spirit-while he inspires her to follow her dreams.


Unlike in most cheesy Christmas movies, Grace and Ben do not start off with a personal beef with each other. Although there is tension between them because Grace needs a trained Santa and Ben is perfect for the job, but beyond reluctant to perform it. So naturally Grace starts scheming to get Ben in town to be Santa anyway. 

The romantic chemistry between these two characters was amazing. My squealing started really early during this movie. There were just so many little moments where you could see them connecting and falling in love. Every time Ben's heart thawed a little and he moved closer towards embracing the joy of Christmas, it just made my heart so happy. 

This movie features an awkward road trip, festive shenanigans, cookie decorating, and a surprise visit from Santa. 

I could honestly see myself turning to this movie anytime during the year when I'm looking for something happy and heartwarming to lift my spirits. 

My Rating
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