Saturday, December 22, 2018

*Discussion Questions* Someone to Trust by Mary Balogh *SPOILERS*

I have spent a few years in a couple of different book clubs now, and I've led my fair share of discussions (so every time it was my turn in the rotation to pick a book basically, although I've been slacking a little in my current book club). I can't tell you how many times I've finished a book that I'd chosen for our meeting, only to realize that I couldn't think of a single question to ask (and I'd forgotten to consider that while reading). In those instances I would run to the interwebs to search for discussion questions, just hoping that someone else had been kind enough to think of questions and share them with the world. I had about a 50% success rate with that. 

When I finished reading Someone to Trust, there were several little things that I kept thinking about how I might have reacted to them. And as hypothetical situation questions tended to result in the best discussions in my previous book clubs, I figured I'd jot them down to share with you. If you have not read the book yet, stop reading now, because the questions absolutely involve spoilers for the story. 

1: Do you think Colin should have kicked his mother out of Roxingly when his father passed away?

2: Why do you think Blanche warned Colin of the betrothal announcement?

3: Do you think Colin would have married Miss Dunmore if his mother hadn't tried to manipulate the situation?

4: Do you think Miss Madsen would have been a fitting wife for Colin if not for the scandal started by Cordaire?

5: Do you think Colin and Elizabeth were a little too cozy during that fateful waltz?

6: Do you think Elizabeth could have been happy married to Cordaire?

7: Do you think Colin could have won a duel against Cordaire?

8: Do you think Colin was foolish marrying a woman nine years his senior? Is your answer affected by the time period in which this book is set?

9: What did you think when Elizabeth confronted Lady Hodges?

10: Why do you think everyone played along with Lady Hodges' claims about how young she looked? Do you think it was just because she had the ability and maliciousness to ruin their reputation over a perceived slight?

11: Do you think Colin and Elizabeth will have children of their own? Do you think they'll adopt children?

12: Were you surprised Colin and Elizabeth wanted to invite his mother and Blanche to the wedding? What about that Wren encouraged it?

13: Do you think Lord Ede is Colin's biological father? Wrens? Do you think the former Lord Hodges would have disowned Colin if Justin hadn't killed himself?

So those are the questions that I jotted down after finishing the story. If you have chosen this book to read with your book club, I hope you will find them useful. And if you have read the book, are there any other questions you would ask? (If you share a question, do you mind if I add it to the list?) - Katie 

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  1. I love all her books because her plots are so real. Her love scenes sensible and the outcomes are happy. why else read a book in this day of sadness when so many are unemployed or working for nothing and have to rely on the goodness of the American public because the leadership wont budge.