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Blog Tour for "Harper's Little Spitfire" by Angel Steel

~Harper’s Little Spitfire~
Release date:
E book: March 2, 2014
For the last 15 years, Sage Mathews has had her eye on one of the Harper brothers. Each time she came even remotely close to catching his eye, he ruined it by taking advantage of the closest woman around. Despite her many attempts of capturing his attention, she repeatedly ended up suffering from the pain yet again. Having been hurt for the last time, Sage decides to pull herself away from the bad boys of Laker. Fate had a different plan for her… Certain surprises have drawn Sage back into the path of the Harper brothers once again, this time exposing her to their interesting...predilections. Possessing secrets of her own, she is thrown into a world she never thought possible. One woman holds the Harper brothers' hearts in the palm of her hands, but the true bad boy for her won't allow her into his heart. Will he ever drop his guard down and finally feel the true love from a woman? Will she allow one of the Harper brothers into her heart? Or will he demolish her entirely for anyone else?
 ~About Author~
Born and bred in Australia. Have lived here all my life with my wonderful husband and 4 children. Love reading any kind of books and love to write. Currently writing my second book in the 'Sweet Series' and love it.
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My Review:

Holy hotness Batman. This book had me reaching for my husband more than once (he didn't complain though). I would definitely classify this book as straight up erotica since the entire plot is about Sage hooking up with the Harper brothers. The story line is weak but consistent and it's much a much stronger story line than most of the erotica I've read (and I was reading erotica before 50 Shades of Gray).  

Sage's friends are even bigger horn dogs than I am (or was, having kids has tamed me a little), and they're so caught up in their own shenanigans that none of them has noticed that Sage just doesn't participate like they do. Like every other woman in Laker, they all fantasize about having all the Harper brothers together, to ride the Harper Train as they say. That's about the only thing Sage seems to have in common with her friends, she too would like to ride the Harper Train.

The Harper boys have always made it their mission to protect Sage, often preventing her from enjoying a night out with the girls by dragging her kicking and screaming back home before midnight strikes and she turns into a pumpkin or something. She's always been like their little sister and they have absolutely refused to allow her to be more than that. But maybe it's time for a change.

Being erotica, the absolute, most crucial part of the story for me is the sex scenes. They have got to be hot and detailed and, well, erotic. Harper's Little Spitfire has hot detailed eroticism in spades! I felt so much like I was in the story that I was even smelling that distinct ball sweat odor.

I loved how Sage was not the typical damsel in distress in need of saving, even though the Harper brothers felt like she was. In fact, the only reason she ever really needed saving was because of the skimpy outfits she pranced around in trying to get the attention of the Harper boys. It was really quite the vicious cycle.

Overall I give this book 4 out of 5 stars for being super hot and mostly consistent. I will definitely be looking forward to reading more from Angel Steel. - Katie

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review of "Until You" by Penelope Douglas

"Have you ever been so angry that hitting things felt good? Or so numb that you actually felt high? The past few years have been like that for me. Traveling between fury and indifference with no stops in between. 

Some people hate me for it, while others are scared of me. But none of them can hurt me, because I don't care about anything or anyone. 

Except Tatum. 

I love her so much that I hate her. I hate that I can't let her go. We used to be friends, but I found out that I couldn't trust her or anyone else. 

So I hurt her. I pushed her away. 

But I still need her. She centers me, and I can pool all of my anger into her. Engaging, challenging, bullying her--call it what you will--but it's my food, my air, and the last part of me that feels anything human. 

But then she went and screwed everything up. She left. She went to France for a year and came back a different girl. 

Now, when I push, she pushes back. 

*This is Jared's point of view and a companion novel to BULLY. It can be read as a stand alone, but reading BULLY first is strongly encouraged. Having Tate's point of view will help you appreciate Jared's side more. This is NOT Bully re-told." 

This book blew me away. I loved "Bully" when I read it, so I was excited for "Until You" to come out, and I'm so stoked that it was released ten days ahead of schedule, it's like an early birthday present for me. I also fully agree with the disclaimer at the end of the blurb about the book from Amazon. I could definitely read this book and feel content with the story (although I still want more now). I would strongly suggest reading "Bully" first because you will want to after reading this book, but I think it will be more boring after reading Jared's POV, and I've seriously been thinking about that for at least ten minutes, whether the order you read them in matters, and the conclusion that I've reached is that "Until You" is just more awesome for having read "Bully," but "Bully" would feel more like a re-telling if you read "Until You" first. So just do us all a favor and read "Bully" first. 

Tate never played games. There was never a flirty sparkle in her eye or a play of her lips to get me to notice her. She looked at me right now just like she used to. Like I was Christmas.

There were times throughout this book where I was like "Oh yeah, that did happen in the story" and then knew what the outcome would be, but for the most part, this really was a completely different story. Ms. Douglas did a great job getting inside the head of a teenage boy, at least I assume that's what the inside of a teenage boys head is like (I've obviously never been a teenage boy so I don't really know for sure). It at least felt authentic, and that's what really matters.

I was throbbing so hard. I needed to get inside of her, but I damn well gave a fuck about Tate, and I wasn't just going to take her. I wanted her coming back for seconds, thirds, and forever.

This book is definitely recommended for a more mature audience than "Bully." The intimate scenes are much more graphic, but oh so H O T T hot. Actually I felt a little bit pervy being privy to the lovemaking of barely legal adults and had to remind myself that they're fictional characters. There weren't many places in the book that made me outright laugh, but I definitely snickered quite a bit, and growled in frustration, and finished it all up with ugly crying at the end.

Overall this book gets five out of five stars, for being simply amazing and believable. I can't wait until we get Madoc's story. - Katie

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Book Blitz for "The Harder I Fall" by Jessica Gibson

Title: The Harder I Fall
Author: Jessica Gibson     
Genre: New Adult  Contemporary Romance
Blitz Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Becca Langer was not a normal girl, she didn't have normal girl problems. For most of her life, she’s had to take care of herself, her younger brother Chad, and her drunk mother. She’s lived under the shadow of what her father did when she was ten years old. Forever branded by his actions.

College was her escape, she could get away and finally live. Her dream was to make it in the New York Ballet Company one day. That for her meant a long road full of hard work and dedication. She didn't have time for distractions, and Levi Klein was definitely a distraction.

Will Levi be able to crack through her tough exterior and really see the wounded soul underneath? Becca needs to be loved, but the question is, will she let Levi love her?

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Becca's life has never been easy, but she pushed to make something of herself in college even though it means leaving her brother, Chad, behind with their alcoholic mother. Will she be able to accept it when Karma starts paying off in good things, or will her past keep her from really living in the present?

This book is about a young girl who has endured more in her first eighteen years than any person should endure in a lifetime. With focus, determination, and a passion for ballet, she manages to get into a good college on the east coast, all the way across the country from her alcoholic mother. With the perseverance of her stubborn roommate, she starts to have the normal college experience; classes, parties and even boys, well one boy. Unfortunate circumstances lead to her brother being arrested, but that actually ends up being for the best in the end, and allows Becca to start being just a normal teenager.

While reading this book I frequently found myself thinking that the characters were silly or foolish for the strength of their feelings at such a young age, but then I thought back to when I was eighteen and I got it. I was seriously just as foolish and silly with the strength of my feelings for my fiance when I left home for college (there were never any wedding bells for us though). There were times when Levi also seemed awfully mature for an eighteen year old boy, but that might be explained by his background. Overall this book was very well written, and once I stopped being a fully responsible adult and allowed myself to be sucked into the story and back to my teen years, it felt very authentic and I didn't want to put my Kindle down. While there were a few sex scenes, they are tame enough that I would not be opposed to my teenage daughter reading them (when she gets to that age, that is.)

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 hearts because the characters felt mostly authentic and the story was very engaging.

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Author Bio:
Jessica Gibson is a recovering bookaholic, she's down from four books a week to a more reasonable one. It was that love of words and creativity that made her dream about writing her first book. That dream was hidden for years, always put on the back burner, filed away in the "someday" section, until her husband Matt gave her the kick in the pants she needed to actually get off her butt and write.
Jessica and Matt live in Southern California and have a serious addiction to reality tv shows like Pawn Stars and American Restoration. They have one son and hope to add to the family in the near future.
Aside from writing, she runs an online event planning business called the Release Day Diva. In addition to novels, Jessica writes and maintains the blog Book on the Bright Side. Keep up with Jessica and her latest releases and events on her blog.

Twiter: @jessicajgibson

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Blog Tour for Separation Anxiety by Lisa Suzanne

Separation Banner
Title: Separation Anxiety
Author: Lisa Suzanne
Release Date: February 3, 2014
Separation. We all get one true love in our lives, and it’s up to us to find it. Fate will act and try to push us together, but ultimately it’s up to us to recognize who that one person is when he’s standing in front of us.
It turns out that I recognized who my one person was when I was separated from my husband.
Anxiety. On the same day I determined that I was finally going to file for divorce, I confessed my secret to Jesse Drake, my swoon-worthy colleague known for his womanizing ways. Jesse invited me to crash with him, and with each new piece of the enigmatic Jesse puzzle that I started to fit into place, I found myself wondering if Fate had pushed us together for a reason.
If only my husband would stop getting in the way of the man with whom I was meant to be.
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When Veronica Freemont marries her husband Richard, she thinks she's found the perfect man for her, until Fate throws the deliciously tempting Jesse Drake in her way. Will things work out between Veronica and Richard, or will Fate interfere? 

I was lucky enough to win the opportunity to BETA read this book, so when Courtney asked me to take over the review for our stop on the blog tour, I felt I needed to read it again to get the finished product. I don't normally re-read unless its Harry Potter or anything by Stephen King, and even then there's always a couple years between visits. That being said, I enjoyed my second visit with Separation Anxiety just as much as my first. I even had to force myself to put my kindle down to get some sleep the first night I started re-reading.

I was on the edge of my seat through my entire re-reading, anxious for Veronica to find her true happiness with no obstacles in her way, and I was just as thrilled when she did. Ms. Suzanne's writing transported me right into Veronica's shoes. I was giddy from Jesse's flirting and angry at Richard's accusations and quite jealous of the kitchen of my dreams. I saw the ocean, and felt the sexual chemistry.

Overall I give this book five out of five stars for its brilliant descriptions and exciting storyline. This is a book I will definitely revisit again in the future. - Katie

sep teaser 1
About The Author
Lisa Suzanne is a high school English teacher who lives at home in Arizona with her amazing husband and adorable yellow lab. She loves summer more than her students do. She has loved to write for as long as she can remember.

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