Wednesday, January 17, 2024

*Review* Pitter Patty Finds Another Day by Andrew Hiller


Genre: Children's 3-6 years
Published: May 16, 2023
Pages: 42

Children's picture book; read aloud for 3 to 6 year olds.

Pitter Patty is a sad little cloud looking for a friend, but people are not friendly to rain clouds

and keep singing to her to "come back another day." Can this little cloud find a friend? Can she

make it to another day?

Uses open dyslexic font.

The bright pictures follow a young cloud find a place of acceptance.

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley. This is my honest review. 

This is a story about Pitter Patty, a raincloud. She spends her days hearing children and adults alike wishing she'd go away and come again another day. I know I used to sing that nursery rhyme sometimes even when it wasn't raining myself. This makes her very sad, because she really just wants people to like her, but when you live somewhere that gets rain regularly, and it interrupts your plans, you just wish it would stop sometimes. So Patty travels until she finds a place where the people don't ask her to go away, but instead come out to play in her rain. 

This story honestly made me feel a bit sad while I was reading it, so it would be great to read with kids to teach them some empathy if nothing else. The book makes it really easy to put yourself into Pitter Patty's figurative shoes and see how it would feel if everyone always wanted you to go away. I felt like the story would also be good for teaching children  to worry more about going where they're wanted, because that feels so much better than being somewhere they're not really wanted. 

The illustrations were both colorful and a rainy day. Overall I give Pitter Patty Finds Another Day 3.976 out of 5 stars. - Katie  

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*Review* The Devil's Glove by Lucretia Grindle


Genre: Historical Fiction
Published: May 1, 2023
Pages: 482

Northern New England, summer, 1688.
Salem started here.

A suspicious death. A rumor of war. Whispers of witchcraft.

Perched on the brink of disaster, Resolve Hammond and her mother, Deliverance, struggle to survive in their isolated coastal village. They're known as healers taught by the local tribes - and suspected of witchcraft by the local villagers.

Their precarious existence becomes even more chaotic when summoned to tend to a poisoned woman. As they uncover a web of dark secrets, rumors of war engulf the village, forcing the Hammonds to choose between loyalty to their native friends or the increasingly terrified settler community.

As Resolve is plagued by strange dreams, she questions everything she thought she knew - about her family, her closest friend, and even herself. If the truth comes to light, the repercussions will be felt far beyond the confines of this small settlement.

Based on meticulous research and inspired by the true story of the fear and suspicion that led to the Salem Witchcraft Trials, THE DEVIL'S GLOVE is a tale of betrayal, loyalty, and the power of secrets. Will Resolve be able to uncover the truth before the town tears itself apart, or will she become the next victim of the village's dark and mysterious past?

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley. This is my honest review. 

I have a horrible habit of going into books blind, judging them solely on their covers and titles. Because I enjoy books in pretty much every genre, this works passably well for me, but it means I never really know what to expect from the books I pick up, and sometimes the covers and titles mislead me. That was definitely the case with this book, as I was expecting something more horror themed. 

Now, there were definitely some horrifying events that occurred throughout the course of this story, and some heavy mystical elements at play as well. And once I got past my initial disappointment about the actual genre of the book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt immersed in the tale, as if I was in the village with Resolve and her mother. Trying to walk the line between helping the villagers and not being accused of being a witch and put to death. I spent a fair portion of the book angry about the Puritan ideals because it felt like they were oppressing me too. 

Overall I give The Devil's Glove 4.137 out of 5 stars, and definitely recommend it for anyone with even a passing interest in the Salem Witch Trial period of American history. - Katie 

Lucretia Grindle grew up and went to school and university in England and the United States. After a brief career in journalism, she worked for The United States Equestrian Team organizing ‘kids and ponies,’ and for the Canadian Equestrian Team. For ten years, she produced and owned Three Day Event horses that competed at The World Games, The European Games and the Atlanta Olympics. In 1997, she packed a five mule train across 250 miles of what is now Grasslands National Park on the Saskatchewan/Montana border tracing the history of her mother’s family who descend from both the Sitting Bull Sioux and the first officers of the Canadian Mounties.

Returning to graduate school as a ‘mature student’, Lucretia completed an MA in Biography and Non-Fiction at The University of East Anglia where her work, FIREFLIES, won the Lorna Sage Prize. Specializing in the 19th century Canadian West, the Plains Tribes, and American Indigenous and Women’s History, she is currently finishing her PhD dissertation at The University of Maine.

Lucretia is the author of the psychological thrillers, THE NIGHTSPINNERS, shortlisted for the Steel Dagger Award, and THE FACES of ANGELS, one of BBC FrontRow’s six best books of the year, shortlisted for the Edgar Award. Her historical fiction includes, THE VILLA TRISTE, a novel of the Italian Partisans in World War II, a finalist for the Gold Dagger Award, and THE LOST DAUGHTER, a fictionalized account of the Aldo Moro kidnapping. She has been fortunate enough to be awarded fellowships at The Hedgebrook Foundation, The Hawthornden Foundation, The Hambidge Foundation, The American Academy in Paris, and to be the Writer in Residence at The Wallace Stegner Foundation. A television drama based on her research and journey across Grasslands is currently in development. THE DEVIL’S GLOVE and the concluding books of THE SALEM TRILOGY are drawn from her research at The University of Maine where Lucretia is grateful to have been a fellow at the Canadian American Foundation. She and her husband, David Lutyens, live in Shropshire.