Sunday, December 2, 2018

*Review* Holiday Waters by Ginna Moran

Genre: YA Paranormal Holiday
Published: December 1, 2018
Pages: 145

The one thing Luna wants for the holiday season is to take Ryan to her home colony of Pearlestria to celebrate their first Winter Solstice together. But when the chief mate of her pirate crew gives her a surprise gift that requires more work than she bargained for, Luna is forced to change plans and take Ryan to shore instead. 

With only days until the celebration, Luna must summon some holiday magic and figure out how to turn the world’s worst present into something great for the seas. If she can’t, she will miss her favorite holiday and the chance to surprise Ryan with the gift his merman heart desires, ultimately losing her Winter Solstice cheer.

I was hired to proofread this book. The only aspects of the story that I influenced for sure were the spelling and grammar. If you feel that my connection to the book makes my review untrustworthy, so be it, but this is my honest review.

It's Luna's first Christmas since finding her mate, Ryan, and she wants everything to be perfect both on land and in the sea. Of course, there are problems with that. For one thing, she's not yet comfortable using her ocean magic yet and she doesn't feel like she can leave her fleet of ships to spend some quality time with Ryan alone for the holidays. And all of that is with good reason.

I found myself getting extremely frustrated with Ren because he's just making Luna's life more problematic than it needs to be, and his schemes are interfering with her happy holidays. And being a bit of a perfectionist, Luna seems incapable of stepping back and letting others help. I spent most of the story hoping for the perfect Christmas for Luna, but pretty much knowing it wasn't going to work out quite like I hoped. In spite of that, this book still provided most of the feel good cheesiness that I want from a holiday novel.

Overall I give Holiday Waters 4.387 stars. - Katie 

Ginna Moran is the author of an array of both paranormal and contemporary young adult novels including the Demon Within, Falling into Fame, and Spark of Life series. 

She started writing poetry as a teenager in a spiral notebook that she still has tucked away on her desk today. Her love of writing grew after she graduated high school and she completed her first unpublished manuscript at age eighteen.

When she realized her love of writing was her life’s passion, she studied literature at Mira Costa College in Northern San Diego. Besides writing young adult novels, she was senior editor, content manager, and image coordinator for Crescent House Publishing Inc. for four years.

Aside from Ginna’s professional life, she enjoys binge watching television shows, playing pretend with her daughter, and cuddling with her dogs. Some of her favorite things include chocolate, anything that glitters, cheesy jokes, and organizing her bookshelf.

Ginna is currently hard at work on her next novel.

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