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*Release Week Blast and Giveaway* Awakened by Virna DePaul

New York Times Bestseller Virna DePaul is excited for the release of the second book in her Belladonna Agency series, AWAKENED!
“Some Flowers Thrive Better in the Dark.”
“A captivating start to a fascinating new series with a hero who’s to die for!”
—-Nationally bestselling author Rhyannon Byrd

Belladonna Agency Book 2
July 1, 2014

Perfect for fans of J. R. Ward, Nalini Singh, and Lara Adrian, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Virna DePaul’s thrilling series of paranormal romances invites readers into a seductive and dangerous world where vampires secretly exist among the general population, while the FBI tries to keep the Rogues among them from preying on humans—for killing, for turning, for pleasure.

Ex-soldier Barrett Miles had no idea that vampires were real—until Belladonna recruits her to serve as a covert agent and infiltrate a murderous sex ring run by the most depraved of immortals, those who feed on the purity and blood of innocents. Their latest victim: a young girl whom Barrett promised to protect. She will be sold—unless Barrett can find her first. Forced to team up with her former lover, Nick Maltese, an undercover sniper, Barrett is caught between fulfilling her personal mission and shielding her heart from the man who betrayed her.

Nick’s hunting a new breed of vampires and harboring a terrible secret when Barrett finds him. Soon a seething underworld of strange desires threatens to engulf them all. Can he save the girl and reclaim Barrett’s heart? Nick knows he has only one chance to prove himself to her as the hunt begins—and their love forces them to embrace the darkest places in their souls.

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Barrett heard a muffled splash. She raised her head to look around, seeing only the disturbed surface of the water. Strong hands grabbed her ankles and forced her legs down. She kicked free, frightened.

Nick’s head popped up next to her. He swam in place, smiling. Barrett splashed him until he laughed.

“Sorry. I couldn’t stand it another second. You looked like a water goddess.”

“I thought you didn’t have trunks.”

His shoulders and chest were bare and gleaming with water. He splashed her back when she tried to look down.

“You wish, Barrett. Had to keep on the jeans.”

She swam away, letting him follow. They circled each other in the water for a minute or so.

“You okay?” he asked softly.


They played around in the water for several minutes, then drifted together. One minute she’d been swimming by herself, and the next Nick was here with her, playing with her, bringing back memories of how good it had felt to be with him, both in bed and out. She really had missed him. So much. “I’m tired,” Barrett whispered.

“Put your arms around my shoulders,” Nick in­structed. “Just ride. Don’t help.”

She hesitated briefly, knowing she was being weak. Reminding herself that she’d ended things with him for a reason—to protect her heart—and that she’d only come to him so he’d help her find Jane. She sighed. Just thinking Jane’s name made her feel small and powerless.

She didn’t want to feel that way. For now, she didn’t want to think of anything else but her and Nick. Almost defiantly, she reached out and clung to him, feeling the power in his muscled back, keeping her legs free of his strong kicks. It was bliss to let him take over and go in circles in the warm water. When they were nearly at the ladder, he pushed her arms off and rolled so that they were face to face but still floating. He brushed away the wet blond silk from her cheeks and kissed her. Again and again.

Nick pulled back, breathing hard. “I want you, Bar­rett. I know it’s not a good time, but it’s been over a year. A whole fucking year of me not having you. Of not being inside you. You don’t want this, just tell me now and I’ll—”

Barrett pressed her fingers against his mouth, effec­tively stopping his words. He’d sounded so damn des­perate when he’d been talking. Desperate for her. And she felt that same desperation spiraling inside her. In that moment, all her doubts, self-protective thoughts, and worries fled. She let go of her guilt about Noah and Jane and let herself be greedy. She was going to have to leave Nick as abruptly as she’d found him in order to return to D.C. and interview Jane’s guardians. Couldn’t she take something for herself first?

She couldn’t think of anything she wanted more than to take Nick.

“I want you, too, Nick. I’ve never stopped wanting you.”

At her whispered confession, he snagged her wrist and dragged it away from his mouth. He kissed her again, angling his head for maximum positioning, tangling his tongue with hers and pressing her so close that she felt not only desired but safe.

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Belladonna Agency Book 1

Welcome to a mesmerizing world where vampires hide among humans. This centuries-old species has its own rules, code of conduct, and taboos. Only the FBI knows that vampires exist—and although the Bureau agrees to keep their secret, it also plots to give humans the upper hand.
Turning mortals into vampires is forbidden. But there are creatures who refuse to play by the rules.

Ever since he was turned, FBI special agent Ty Duncan has had one mission: bring rogue vampires to justice. As a recruiter for Belladonna, a shadow agency formed to keep vampires in check, Ty must tap Ana Martin, a troubled ex–gang member and one of the few mortals who can infiltrate places that his kind and the law cannot. From their first encounter, Ty fights a hunger to make Ana his own.

When Ty claims to have information about Ana’s missing sister, Ana has no choice but to trust this captivating stranger who awakens her deepest desires. But as she and Ty climb the heights of pleasure and passion, an enemy is conspiring to destroy them both.

Can Ana help Ty find his humanity in a love that could heal them both, or will their passion lead them into a darkness impossible to escape?

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About Virna
Virna DePaul is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of steamy, suspenseful fiction.  Whether it’s vampires, a Para-Ops team, hot cops or swoon-worthy identical twin brothers, her stories center around complex individuals willing to overcome incredible odds for love.

Bedding The Wrong Brother is a #1 Bestselling Contemporary Romance, and is followed by Bedding The Bad Boy. Her PNR series with Random House launched on April 1, 2014 with Turned. She loves to hear from readers at
Find Virna Online

Ms. DePaul will be giving away two audio copies of Bedding the Wrong Brother and three copies of Bedding the Bad Boy. These are books one and two in the BEDDING THE BACHELOR series.


Bedding the Bachelors, Book 1

Melina Parker prides herself on being a lady in public, but after she’s dumped yet again for being a lady in the bedroom, she’s ready to go back to school.

Determined to find her inner sex drive, she enlists her childhood friend Max Dalton, to tutor her after hours.

Instead, she ends up in the wrong bed and gets a message in passion from Max’s twin brother, Rhys Dalton, a man Melina’s always secretly wanted by never thought she could have.

FREE on digital until 7/16


Bedding the Bachelors, Book 2

This bad boy is ready to work some magic…

Identical twin and Las Vegas performer Max Dalton has always been the number one bad boy in his family, and he’s appreciated the women and fame that comes along with his reputation.

Grace Sinclair is on a mission when she comes to Vegas, one that involves asking Max, her best friend’s brother-in-law, to give her the pleasure no man’s ever been able to. She suspects Max has more layers than he lets people see, but she’s determined to keep her heart safe even as she offers him her body.

What neither of them plan on is love—or the triangle the media stirs up with Max’s blonde bombshell actress friend.

Will Grace see beyond Max’s bad boy façade long enough to trust him with her heart? And will Max figure out what he really wants before he loses the one woman who makes him believe in love again?

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Release Day Blitz - Project Lexi by Lisa Survillas

Lexi Crandall’s world is turned upside down her junior year of high school. Her confession tears her family apart and leaves them broken. Looking for an escape after graduation, she heads out of town for college.  Wracked with guilt and shame, she keeps to herself, befriending only her roommate, Paige.
Derek Fressen experiences one tragedy after another. After learning to cope with being raised by a single mom, he and his sister, Tiffany, become closer than ever. When Tiffany escapes for college, Derek takes the opportunity to leave his past behind as well.
San Francisco State University is where Lexi and Derek find themselves junior year, thrown into the most uncomfortable situation possible, a group project that requires each to open up about their past. Their grade depends upon the ability to prove to the professor through a class presentation that they truly learned about one another.
 Painful memories and terrifying tests of courage propel Lexi to learn how to take baby steps in the healing process, and give hope of one day feeling normal. Although he feels he’s pretty well healed from the horrible events of his past, Derek is lonely and longing for a life of more.
Will Lexi and Derek be able to share enough of their lives with each other to pass the class? How much will Lexi let Derek help her in the process? Are their tragic pasts too much to overcome, or will love be in their future?

Buy the book! Amazon ~ KOBO

About Lisa

 Lisa lives in SUNNY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA with her wonderful husband and two teenage children. 
Lisa lives in Sunny Southern California and has all her life. Her husband is a high school PE teacher and coaches three different high school sports.
With two kids in high school and involved in activities both in and out of school, she has a lot to juggle.  When home, she locks herself inside the
office to write. She's always loved to write, but life always seemed to be too busy.  When inspiration finally hit, she made the most of the time
her husband and kids were busy and published her first book in February 2014. It's a teen/young adult book and the first in a series. 
She's just released her first book in her New Adult/Contemporary Romance series. She is hoping to get two more books out before the
end of 2014.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Review of Since He Really Feels by Lisa Suzanne

This was an edge of my seat thriller masked as a romance. I spent most of the book waiting for the other shoe to drop, and something major to go wrong. Because I've been Team Travis since How He Really Feels, I was quite anxious for things to go wrong for Julianne and Nick.

Ms. Suzanne began the book teasing us with the ending, giving us just enough information to make us suspicious and it kind of drove me insane with anticipation. There was really only one possible outcome with the information we were given and events continued to conspire to confirm my suspicions. My opinion of Nick fell even further and I even got a bit annoyed with Julianne before everything was said and done. Travis, however, did not disappoint me at all.

While there were parts of this book that I found tediously repetitive while reading, it is consistent with the series, and in retrospect kind of to be expected because the book does focus a lot on the characters feelings and those tend to be a bit tediously repetitive.

Overall I give this book 4 out of 5 stars for solid writing, consistency, and keeping me intrigued until the end. It's is a series you should definitely pick up, especially if you enjoy contemporary romances. - Katie

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Fearing Regret by Barbara Speak Blog Tour

Fearing Regret
Author: Barbara Speak
Series: Flawlessly Broken
Release Date: July 1st

It seems Kate Williams has it all; money, great job, a supportive family, and an amazing group of friends. What she lacks is the confidence and ability to make a good decision regarding the men in her life. After the worse break up yet, she runs into the arms of Ryan, her long time best friend and the one that seems to always mend all of her broken hearts. But after years of being "That" guy, he is ready to confess to her what he has felt all along.

A night out with her friends brings a complete stranger into the mix. One encounter on the dance floor is all it took for him to flood her every thought. But Is he really a stranger after all or is he closer to her than she thinks?

Should Kate take the chance and chose her best friend, knowing he will cherish her forever? Or should she take a leap and go with the man that had her heart before she even knew his name?
Someone’s heart will be broken, someone will lose everything they hold dear, and someone will tell the ultimate lie and destroy everything.

Will fearing regret keep Kate away from what she really wants most?

Fearing Regret



Finding Solace and Affliction together $.99 Sale 6/1-6/5

Barnes & Noble

Finding Solace- Book

Affliction - Book 1.5

I have a mad passion for books. It could be considered an addiction by some.
After the responsibilities of work, being a mother and a wife are  fulfilled each day, I escape in a book.
 I never really thought of myself as a writer before. My true passion was as a reader.
 One day an idea came to me and I could not stop after that first thought.
I hope you all will enjoy what I can bring you. I have plenty more ideas to go from here.


Kara's Review~

Ohhhh Fearing Regret!!! I am giving this book 5 well-earn, well- deserved stars! Once again Barbara Speak had me hooked from page one and hanging onto every single word.

Let me tell you, Barb KNOWS how to write a book. You instantly fall into the story of Kate Williams. She is a douche magnet and bad relationship connoisseur and she is DONE with men after her latest douche experience. With another broken heart, she is running into the arms of her best friend, Ryan. Ryan is also done, done with waiting around on Kate. He wants a turn to love her and show her a man treats a woman. Enter Tony. Kate literally falls into a stranger at the bar as she is running to the bathroom and from that point on, her heart is no longer hers. Can Kate risk losing an amazing friendship by beginning relationship or will she fall back into the bad relationship routine? Only one way to find out!

Love triangles, drama, curve balls, broken hearts, laughter, tears, hot sex scenes and friends to clean up the messes. What more could you need in a book?? There were scenes I literally had to walk away to deal with the emotional roller coaster I was on. Barb constantly kept me second guessing myself!

I thought Barb set the standard in 2014 with Finding Solace, well she raised the bar with Fearing Regret. As I am standing, applauding this amazing book, I am also screaming “READ THIS BOOK NOW!!!!” You will not be disappointed. Thank you Barb for writing such an awesome story!!!