Saturday, October 7, 2017

Our 1000th Blog Post

I'm not very good at keeping up with blogging milestones and/or marking them. I mean my blog is almost four years old and I've never celebrated a single bloggiversary. But when I noticed that I was nearing the 1,000th post on the blog, I figured I should do something to mark the occasion. And I decided that an essentially pointless blog post was the way to do it! So here we are.

But I didn't want this to be entirely pointless post, so I figured I'd highlight the top one percent of blog posts from the past almost four years. So here is the top ten countdown!

10: Mail Call: December 2016 - I'm really not sure why this blog post got as many hits as it did, but at 371 views, it comes in at number ten.

9: Author Bullying: When the Shoe is on the Author's Foot - This was one of my first blog post rants (I think my actual first blog post rant). And I understand why it's in the top 1% because frankly, a lot of people really like drama even if they don't want to admit to it. With 407 views, this comes in at number nine. 

8: Should Giveaways Go Away? - I wrote this ranting blog post in response to an IABB confession, which probably accounts for some of it's popularity, because confessions are somewhat popular. With 408 views, this post comes in at number eight. 

7: Review: Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry - I am oddly surprised that a review made it onto the list. I mean that's supposed to be the point of book blogging, but those posts just aren't quite as popular as the rants. But with 466 views, this review comes in number seven. 

6: Batman: Attack of the Fans - After I posted a 3 star review for a graphic novel (and I just do not like graphic novels it turns out), I got attacked by internet trolls, so I stepped up on my soapbox because I can. And it was a popular post netting 485 views and bringing it in at number six.

5: Mail Call: September 2016 - Here's another mail call post that got a whole lot of views. Granted the two mail call posts on this list so far both had Harry Potter titles in them...Maybe that explains all the hits. With 494 views, this post comes in at number five. 

4: A Tale of Two Blogs, The First Amendment, and the Word "Official" - This post was a response to a response to a response to a response to comments on a confession on IABB (are you following me yet?) Seriously, the drama was weird and I still use the word "totes" way more often than I should because of it. With 495 views, this post comes in number four. 

3: Review: Messenger by Lois Lowry - Apparently Lois Lowry will get me quite a few hits on a review, I mean she's got two posts on this list. Or maybe those reviews are just that awesome (but that's probably not it.) With 549 views, this is the third most popular post on my entire blog. 

2: Pre-Release Blast & Giveaway: Falling Away by Penelope Douglas - If I remember correctly, Ms. Douglas shared my blog post on her Facebook page, which explains it getting a massive number of hits. With 2183 views, this comes in number two. 

And coming in at number 1...

Discussion Questions: The Two-Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman - This one I get. This is a great book club book, but thinking of questions to ask at book club can be hard (especially if you get caught up in the story and forget to write them down as you're reading). So with 2626 views, this is my number one post of the past four years. 

So there you have it, an almost essentially pointless post celebrating the fact that we've made 1000 of them now. - Katie

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