Sunday, November 22, 2015

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 20 - Book Pet Peeves

We all know that anything imaginable can happen in books, that's kind of the point of books in fact, to give us everything and anything we could possibly imagine. That doesn't meant that we have to like everything we read, and sometimes there are things we'd really rather not read about at all. Then there are some things that just drive us bonkers when we read them. Those are the things that I consider my pet peeves, the ones that make me kind of want to rip my hair out because "Really?"

My biggest book pet peeve is packaged endings. I don't like stories that have an awesome build up with lots of loose ends that need to be tied up, where the loose ends all get tied up all nice and perfect in the matter of a few pages. If it took 200 pages to build up to the end, it shouldn't be wrapped up in ten. I would much rather the book end with a few of those loose ends still loose. Let me have a few things to continue to wonder about. It will make me want another book even if that book never materializes. To be clear, the remaining loose ends shouldn't be major plot points, but leaving a few minor details unresolved is absolutely amazing in my book.

Another pet peeve is female MC's who are doormats. I don't need all my female MCs to be strong women, but I don't want them to be a person that lets everyone walk all over them either. This doesn't mean they can't start out as a doormat though. A characters personal growth through their story can be far more powerful than a character who has always been strong no matter what.

I'm also not fond of cheating where the partner that was cheated on just forgives the cheatee and then it's just like it never happened. I know that books are fantasy, not real life, but that's a fantasy deal breaker for me. I can't accept that that is normal enough to justify the number of novels it occurs in. Inner turmoil and self doubts don't just go away because you've forgiven your partner for cheating on you (at least in my experience.)

I think that's just about it because there aren't really that many things that I absolutely just can't stand in any book I read. What are some of your book pet peeves? - Katie

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