Sunday, November 22, 2015

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 19 - Book Character Crushes

I realize that most readers (at least most romance readers) have characters that they obsess over, characters that they just can't get enough of, characters that they will literally cut a bitch over to claim them as theirs. I'm not one of those people. Most of my character crushes are like one night stands; I sleep with them once and then I move on to someone new, and I'm perfectly content doing that. In general, I'm even content to share the characters that get under my skin a little bit more, the ones I actually want to call me back even though they never do, because if someone else loves them too, that just shows that they have impeccable taste.

That being said, there are two guys I would like to take another ride on even though I've currently moved on to other men.

I think my biggest crush is Madoc Caruthers from the Fall Away Series by Penelope Douglas. He gets his moment to shine in Rival, and we get to see a few new sides of him. I found him funny in Bully, I started to kind of like him in Until You, but in Rival I fell hard. Madoc is my favorite Fall Away boy.

Another guy I'd love to have call me back is Jesse Drake from Separation Anxiety by Lisa Suzanne. He embodies basically everything I look for in a man. He's compassionate, a good listener, good with wood, and hot as hell.

Who are some of your character crushes? - Katie

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