Thursday, November 19, 2015

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 15 - Author Buddies

Today's post is all about the authors I stalk follow religiously. The authors that are automatic one-clicks for me every time they release a new book, even if I don't necessarily have time to read the book right away. This is going to be a somewhat long list, and I'm likely to forget some people. To make things easier for you, in case you want to also stalk follow my favorite authors, I will link to their Facebook pages through their names.

Colleen Hoover - I've never actually read anything Colleen Hoover has written outside of Facebook, but her Facebook posts are so hilarious that I know I need to. I follow her specifically to see the hilarious things she posts.

Penny Reid - I've only read one Penny Reid book so far, but have plans to read the rest of them eventually. Like Colleen Hoover, her Facebook posts have made me a huge fan because they always get at the very least a smile out of me, and on more than one occasion they've made a crappy day just a little bit better.

L.B. Dunbar - Miss Dunbar is an automatic one-click for me. I've only read 4 of her 10 books at this point, but that's largely because I try to read a wide variety of authors for the blog, and she publishes several books a year. So sadly for me, several of her books have been languishing on my TBR list for a while.

Lisa Suzanne - I've read almost everything Lisa Suzanne has written, and she's another one of my automatic one-clicks.

SJ McCoy - I first encountered SJ McCoy at a FB event for one of Lisa Suzanne's new releases, and somehow we basically became FB BFF's that night. She is super sweet and so are her books (which is something I tend to look for in my romances.)

Alexandrea Weis - I think I've managed to read about 1/2 of Alexandrea Weis' books at this point, but in my defense she not only writes fairly quickly, but had a rather extensive back catalog when I first discovered her. She is an automatic one-click, and I especially enjoy her paranormal romances.

S.L. Dearing - I am anxiously awaiting the next book in her Lia Fail Chronicles, which is strange since I still haven't read From the Gathering to the Bridging yet, which is a collection of short stories that takes place between The Gathering and the next book that I'm waiting for.

Jim Proctor - So far I've only found the time to read a couple of Proctor's short stories, but he is the most active person on the Facebook page, liking nearly everything I post, so I do my very best to return the favor, and Veronica Phoenix has been on my TBR (the mental one) since March. One of these days I will find/make the time to read it.

Penelope Douglas - Penelope Douglas was one of the first indie authors I ever read, and she got me hooked. I have yet to encounter a Penelope Douglas story I don't like (and I should have a review of Corrupt for you in the next day or so.)

Suanne Laqueur - I fell in love with Suanne Laqueur pretty much simultaneously through IABB confessions and her novel The Man I Love. I had just started following IABB's confessions when I was starting to read TMIL and her writing is just fantastic, and she's a hoot on confessions.

And I think that is everyone who's posts I actively seek out on Facebook or automatically one-click their books when they go live (although I really probably did forget someone.) But I feel like it's a pretty solid list. Who are some of the authors that you stalk? - Katie

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