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*Sunday Spotlight* Caroline Andrus


I don't do a lot of straight promotional posts on my blog. Years ago I found they were a lot of work for very little return. When I returned to blogging I wanted some way to promote authors I may be less familiar with, that wouldn't leave me inundated with dozens of promo emails a day. The compromise: Sunday Spotlight. The spotlighted author is nominated and voted on by my Facebook followers, and whoever gets the most votes gets the next Sunday Spotlight. 

This week's Sunday Spotlight winner is Caroline Andrus.

About Caroline

Caroline Andrus was born and raised in the St. Paul suburbs where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and Henry McCoy—a wild cougar trapped in the body of a house cat.

When she's not working her full time day job and her full time publishing job, she divides her time between writing, designing, and managing her household. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, binging TV shows on Netflix, rocking out to the radio, and tabletop board games.

She is passionate about both reading and writing teen fiction, and is pretty sure she will forever be eighteen at heart.

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Will the boy who never gives up be able to win—and keep—the heart of the girl who is afraid to let people in?

Whether it’s mastering a new trick on his skateboard or sweet talking his way out of trouble, Kane sees things through to the end. When a chance encounter brings him face to face with Summer, the girl of his dreams, he’s convinced it must be fate, and he makes his move.

But Summer was recently diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease, and is just trying to get through each day without drawing attention to herself. In an effort to keep her disease secret, she’s pushing people away, because nobody should have to deal with someone as broken as her.

Will Kane’s charms have the power to bring down Summer’s walls? Or has he finally met a challenge that will break more than just bones.


Obsession and jealousy can be dangerous.

The Peace High School date auction is supposed to be fun, but Valerie Todd is dreading it. She knows who will win her date—Chris Burkeholder, the boy who’s been obsessed with her for years.

New in Peace, Liam Sloan doesn’t know that Chris is used to getting his way. When Liam outbids Chris for Valerie’s date in the auction, life gets more dangerous for the new couple.

Will Valerie and Liam survive Chris’ anger and jealousy?

Peace in Flames is a part of the multi-author Peace Novella Series.
This is a series of novellas that may be read on their own in any order.
For a complete list of titles and to sign up for notification of future releases, visit

* Warning: This book contains themes of violence. Reader discretion is advised.


You never forget your first love.

He was her best friend’s brother. The one that got away, and the only boy JoJo ever loved. With her heart in pieces, she tried to move on with her life and forget about Matt Todd and the single kiss they shared.

Three years later, Matt is back, and all of JoJo’s old feelings spring to the surface. Sparks fly between them, and for a brief moment, JoJo thinks she might get her happily ever after.

But when someone from Matt’s past comes to town with a secret, JoJo is left heartbroken once more.
 Will she find her happily ever after, or is she destined for a life of heartbreak?

Summer of Peace is a part of the multi-author Peace Novella Series.
This is a series of novellas that may be read on their own in any order.
For a complete list of titles and to sign up for notification of future releases, visit

Caroline Andrus has written two novellas for the Peace Series. 
Summer of Peace takes place approximately eight months after the events of Peace in Flames. They can be read in any order, though it is recommended you read Peace in Flames first.



Artificial Tears by Charmaine Pauls
Lourdes March has cried enough tears over her dishonest ex. She is moving on. Until she walks into an optometrist's office, and is confronted with the splitting image of the man she's trying to forget.

The Spark by Ellyse Roberts
Anna Claire had everything: money, a fiancé and a successful job as an architect. Her life was going great until a homeless guy with a grudge decided to set the building she was renovating on fire. Ethan was a firefighter filled with regret from a mistake he made long An inferno brought them back together. But can fate re-ignite the spark they thought was lost forever?

Proposal Unexpected by Elena Kane
Adele had the perfect life, until it all fell apart. She’s left alone and bitter after discovering her husband’s many transgressions, when she finds herself face to face with a familiar face from the past. Wondering why they ever parted ways to begin with, Adele is faced with the difficult choice of forgetting and forgiving her husband or starting a life with the man she spent years loving before life got in the way.

One Perfect Moment by Tara Fox Hall
Coriander Hartwell’s dream of getting married has almost come true; her longtime lover Stefan VanKellam II has finally popped the question. But the instant she locks eyes with old flame Dustin at her high school reunion, Cori begins to rethink her dream of a perfect wedding...and the man she wishes would make her his wife.

Running Late by Caroline Andrus
On her way to meet with her boyfriend, Will, Paige reflects upon their seven-year relationship and prepares herself to be dumped. Meanwhile, Will has something else in mind.

Cappuccino Dreaming by Louise Redmann
What does it cost to be yourself? She’s cooked for her boyfriend, played nice with his friends, and twisted her personality to fit his. He’s booked an expensive restaurant for Saturday night. Surely he’s going to propose. But when she sees her lover kiss her best friend, she flees into a coffee house only to trip up the stairs, spilling her cappuccino over everyone. Out of the angry crowd, one man offers his hand and a fresh drink.

Love Weavers by Katie Stephens
Hannah and Wynter have two things in common: an incredible artistic talent and witchcraft. In order to acquire Wynter’s jewelry-making secrets, Hannah finds a way to travel across time and meet her ancestor. However, her novice powers simply amuse Wynter, who is embroiled in a love triangle and has no time for the young witch. When an enchanted necklace disappears, can the two work together or must their men take matters into their own hands?


Who says love doesn’t come around again?
Seven stories of single parents finding love for the second time

The Ticket to her Heart by D. G. Driver
Dalton Jones is a traffic cop who feels guilty about giving a speeding ticket to a beautiful single mom. With his teenage daughter’s help, he finds a way to meet the woman again, and they fall for each other. Only, he’s neglected to tell her who he really is.

The Perfect Beginning by Nancy Pennick
Tracy DeMarco hasn’t been on a date with a man in five years. She has a child to raise and a job she likes. Her daughter says she needs to get a life. Tracy thought hers was fine until a vampire shows up on her doorstep one Halloween night.

A Love for Michelle by Tara Fox Hall
Left by her boyfriend on the same night she lost her job, Michelle isn't looking for love when she runs into Max and his two children while sledding. In a few short months, the new couple is inseparable. Then Michelle realizes she's pregnant with her ex's child. Will Max love her enough to accept a baby that isn't his?

The Price of Silence by Katie Stephens
Even though Maggie and Rob are divorced, neither can deny the love they still have for each other. As they wonder why their marriage failed, Maggie's artistic agent is determined to have her. Grant befriends her children in a bid to make her his wife, but will Rob stand aside and allow another man to take his children ... and his soulmate?

Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now by Caroline Andrus
Celebrity photographer Rebecca thought her life was perfect, until she walked in on her husband and the nanny—in bed. A drunk phone call later, she’s managed to snag the most sought after male nanny in Los Angeles. Months later, at her best friend’s urging, she dives back into the dating pool, but will she end up with Mr. Right Now, or will she realize Mr. Right is already at home with her kids?

For the Love of a Horse by Daisy White
Single mum Ali has done everything she can to forget the past, but when a new love is threatened by a freak horse riding accident, she is forced to face her memories. Can she find the courage to take her second chance for love?

Unexpected Match Maker by JT Adeline
Peyton Geoffrey never thought she needed another dad, until her mom’s past boyfriend, Tate Langston, entered her life. Will Peyton be able to get this surly man to understand how important he is to others, and get him and her mom together again?


No matter the day, the age, the realm… even a kick ass girl loves an excuse to get dressed up and dance her heart out.

From contemporary to paranormal, get ready to read six tales of proms and balls. These girls are looking for a fun night out, but teen drama, demons, and even pirates put a kink in their plans!

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    1. I've read Something I'm Good At and really enjoyed it. She's definitely worth checking out. - Katie