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#SneakPeekSunday Review: Queen of Myth and Monsters by Scarlett St. Clair

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published: December 20, 2022
Pages: 388 

The next book in the vampire fantasy series by USA Today and international bestselling author Scarlett St. Clair.

Isolde, newly coronated queen, has finally found a king worthy of her in the vampire Adrian. But their love for each other has cost Isolde her father and her homeland. With two opposing goddesses playing mortals and vampires against one another, Isolde is uncertain who her allies are in the vampire stronghold of Revekka.

Now, as politics in the Red Palace grow more underhanded, inexplicable monster attacks plague the villages, and a deadly crimson mist threatens all of Cordova, Isolde must trust in the bond she's formed with Adrian, even as she learns troubling information about his complicated past.

I received a copy of this sneak peek through Netgalley. This is my honest review.

This book is paranormal meets fantasy in my mind. It's paranormal because of the vampires, but it has an epic fantasy feel to it, at least in the part of the book that I got to read through the sneak peek. I feel very left in the dark about what's going on from the brief glimpse I got of this story. i don't feel like I really know what's going on at all. I actually get the feeling that I was reading a sneak peek for a sequel, and I didn't read the first book. (Grabbing links and info for this blog post confirmed that for me. So if you've read the first book, the odds of the beginning of this just being a rehash of the previous book are pretty low.)

All that said, I am intrigued and I want to know more. What I got to see of the world building seemed pretty solid and while I'm struggling to see a romantic connection at the moment, I see the potential for it to be there. And I just really want to have a better understanding of how this world operates. This is a book I will definitely be on the lookout for. - Katie 

USA Today Bestselling author Scarlett St. Clair is a citizen of the Muscogee Nation and the author of the HADES X PERSEPHONE SAGA, the HADES SAGA, KING OF BATTLE & BLOOD, and WHEN STARS COME OUT.

She has a Master's degree in Library Science and Information Studies and a Bachelors in English Writing. She is obsessed with Greek Mythology, murder mysteries, and the afterlife.

If you are obsessed with these things, then you'll like her books. You can find pictures of her adorable dog Adelaide on her Instagram at @authorscarlettstclair.

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