Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 11 - #TopTenTuesday

Our Ten MOST POPULAR posts in top ten countdown fashion.

10) *Review* One Urge, One Plea, Keep Me by Scarlet Wolfe

This 4.5 star review came from the lovely Kristi. The post itself also contains an excerpt and some hot teasers! This was one of the first review posts where I realized I could really pretty it up and make it more dynamic if I asked the author for a media kit and teasers. I'm pretty sure Kristi would still highly recommend you #1Click One Urge, One Plea, and Keep Me by Scarlet Wolfe.

9) *Release Day Blitz* Inevitable Detour by S.R. Grey

The only explanation for this making the top ten list that I can think of is that it was shared by the author and/or the tour company. It's fairly standard as far as a release day blitz goes, although it does include a five star review by Kim (I think. For some reason the review isn't signed and I can't remember who read that book, I just know it wasn't me.)

8) *Blog Tour and Giveaway* Spark of Light by Elizabeth Tuttle

Giveaways almost always result in additional blog views (I'm guilty of giveaway hunting myself). This post also includes a five star review of the book, written by me, and I believe it was shared by the author and the tour company as well, which is really great for getting more views for us. The giveaway is now over, but my review is still valid.

7) Blog Tour for "Objective" by K. Larsen

This post also features a five star review written by yours truly! It's also a really great book and I highly recommend you read it if you haven't already. But go check out my review too!

6) *Author Spotlight* D.M. Brittle

This post features an extended excerpt from D.M. Brittle's debut novel, Beautifully Unbroken as well as a couple gorgeous teasers. It got a lot of views because the author shared it too, something we greatly appreciate.

5) *Author Spotlight* Morgan Parker

Are you sensing a theme here? Morgan Parker has written a lot of books, okay, not a WHOLE lot, but several. There are plenty of fun teasers, some quick facts about Morgan, and an interview that was conducted by The Book Gurus. It's definitely worth a look.

4) #BookBlogWriMo Challenge and Schedule

This post got several views because it is linked on another blog (I may have to start looking into linking up with other blogs more often at least on posts with reviews). It's also a very great and informative post about the challenge that I'm currently taking part in.

3) Exclusive Cover Reveal for Runaway by S.M. Knowles writing as Aubrey Kendall

How did we land an exclusive cover reveal when we were still just a baby blog? Oh, that's right, three of our reviewers are in S.M. Knowles' street team and S.M. used OUR Courtney's name for the main character in this book. That's pretty cool if you ask me. The post includes an extended excerpt from Chapter 1 of Runaway.

2) *Author Spotlight* Lisa Suzanne

This was the first Author Spotlight blog post I created, and I was doing it just to see what I could come up with. I am on Lisa's street team, so I had access to teasers and buy links to share without having to track them down. I also put it together as an example of what a spotlight for an author would look like. I actually want to start doing more author spotlight posts in the future, after I'm finished with #BookBlogWriMo and #NaNoWriMo.

and the #1 most popular post is...

Author Bullying: When the Shoe is on the Author's Foot

This post had more views than the other 9 posts on this list combined. The fact that it was popular doesn't surprise me a whole lot considering the subject matter. It details an experience I had with an author behaving very badly. In addition to the messages that she sent me on Goodreads, she also went a little nuts in comments on Amazon to the point that other people (that I swear I do not know because I was not sharing the review or the title of the book around) were advising her to just stop and delete her comments because she was harming her sales more than my review was. The silver lining of the incident is that my reviewer ranking on Amazon skyrocketed from all the helpful votes I received on that review. I'm also happy to report that I have not had any other incidents with authors since then *knock on wood*.

So that wraps up this episode of Top Ten Blog Posts of all time. I hope you've enjoyed the ride. - Katie

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