Thursday, November 20, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 18 - Favorite Sub-Genres

*Warning: This post may get a little ranty.

I have mentioned on more than one occasion during this challenge that I have always been a big reader. I also frequently find myself using the phrase "Words mean things," in a variety of situations (not always out loud, and actually rarely to the person that really probably needs to hear it). One of those situations is when I see a blog or author on Facebook ask "What's your favorite genre?" because a lot of people answer with sub-genres. In these cases, I believe most of the responders are referring to sub-genres of the Romance Genre, because that is the main focus of most of the blogs and authors that I have found on Facebook (seriously, it's kind of hard to find blogs that focus on other genres, even ours is mostly romance, and romance is on the lower end of my genre preferences.) So I get annoyed a lot. But I guess here is a chance for me to make it a little more clear, at least for some of you.

Genre: Romance

I realize that I just said romance isn't really one of my favorite genres, but I'm starting with it, because I believe it is for most of you. My favorite romance sub genres include:

Paranormal - I enjoy paranormal romance because to me, it's a lot like reading Fantasy. Sure, I'm guaranteed a romantic element, but I'm also guaranteed stuff out of the ordinary that requires some imagination on my part.

Historical - I actually cut my metaphorical romantic teeth on historical romances. I enjoy this sub genre because again, it requires a certain amount of imagination on my part. I love picturing the clothes, and the places in a long ago time.

Dystopian - Actually I'm not sure if Dystopian qualifies for its own genre where dystopian romance would then be a sub genre of it's own. In any case, I love dystopian stories, again with the imagination thing. I really like seeing how the author imagines things going down in the not-so-distant future and deciding in my head if their theories have any merit. It's fun for me.

Genre: Horror

This is my typical proclaimed favorite genre (that whole Stephen King thing from yesterday's post). And honestly, if it's a horror novel I will gladly read it. While I tend to gravitate towards King's supernatural stories, I'm also plenty happy to read a great ghost story, or horrifying vampire tale, but I definitely want to be at least a little creeped out when all is said and done.

Genre: Science Fiction

Science fiction is another one of my favorite genres. I blame my parents. Between my dad's Isaac Asimov collection and my mother's suggestion that I read Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series, I didn't have a chance. So which sub genres are my favorite? All of them. If it requires imagination on my part to picture exactly what the author is describing, I'm all about it.

So I think you probably get the idea here...I'm all about the books that really make me use my imagination to picture things because we don't have them in the real world (at least as far as we know.) So what are some of your favorite sub genres? - Katie

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  1. Historical fiction is like the best thing ever!!! :D