Sunday, November 23, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 23 - Book Boyfriend Criteria

*Warning* Mom, don't read this post!

In a nutshell, my perfect book boyfriend is a gentleman on the streets and an Dom in the sheets. It's what I ultimately want in a real man too. I am a rabid feminist (okay, I'm not really rabid, I've been tested) and want equality in my relationships be they real or fictional. I really don't enjoy BDSM books much because the Dom/sub relationships are all encompassing and that type of relationship doesn't appeal to me. I'm all for the kinky fuckery they include though, so I occasionally choke them down for the porny aspects. While I want to be equals in public, in the bedroom I want a man who takes complete control and I really do enjoy the kinky fuckery. I think my toy collection would put Christian Grey to shame.

So what does my ideal book boyfriend look like? He has short hair (I like military guys for a reason), and is clean shaven. I do not do beards on my men, they make me think of my dad and my brother and that's just gross. I'd like him to be toned, but not really big. Solid is good, bulky is bad.

For temperament I like the boy next door or lovable best friend types. The kinds of guys that will listen to you and that you've know your whole life. The ones that have always been there for you no matter what. However, in my fictional experience, these guys seem to be a bit on the vanilla side in the bedroom.

So if you know of any books with a sweet boy next door type book boyfriend that gets down to some real kinky fuckery, let me know because I need that book. - Katie

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