Saturday, November 8, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 8 - Blogging Toolkit

This is not going to be a long post at all. I feel like my team and I are still fumbling around trying to figure this whole blogging thing out. I know we don't have things nearly as together as most bloggers seem to, but our methods sort of work for us.

The tool I use most is the Cozi calendar app on my iPad. We have a blog account, and most of us have the app, so when we schedule things like blog tours we just update the calendar and everyone can see it. Because I'm the one that puts together most of the posts here on the blog, it's really helpful for keeping me in line and on schedule, even when we receive tour packets for things I didn't sign us up for.

I also use a couple photo editing apps on my iPad for creating appropriately sized profile pictures when we feature an author's new release as our profile photo. It always bothered me when we couldn't see the entire book cover in the little thumbnail until I discovered PhotoCollage and Instaframe, and I use a combination of the two apps for each profile photo.

Beyond that, we have a group message on FB so that we can chat about ideas, things we want to do on the blog, books that we've read, just whatever we feel like chatting about. And that is pretty much our entire blogging toolkit. I really look forward to getting ideas from some of the other bloggers participating in this challenge. - Katie

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