Friday, December 16, 2022

#31DaysOfChristmas: Naughty or Nice


Watched on: Amazon Prime
Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes
Originally aired: November 24, 2012
Directed by: David Mackay
Starring: Hilarie Burton, Matt Dallas and Gabriel Tigerman
Please see IMDb for full cast and crew information.


Holiday humbug Krissy Kringle receives a special delivery intended for Santa Claus, the Naughty or Nice book he left behind while visiting a child, and uses the power of the book to expose the naughty deeds of those around her, but soon finds that her newfound power isn't always so nice.


Krissy Kringle, who lives on Candy Cane Lane, would be more aptly named the Grinch. But I get it. I'm sure she's heard more Kris Kringle jokes than I've heard Katie "likes it" Harder jokes. I'd be a grinch too if my holiday season was spent hearing that nonsense. 

When good old St. Nick's Naughty and Nice list falls into her lap, she sees the ability to make some changes in her life. It helps her catch her new boss stealing from petty cash that is supposed to provide snacks for the employees, finds out a person she thought was her friend at her last job is a lying snake, and that her boyfriend slept with said "friend." But using an item like this for personal gain ALWAYS has consequences. 

This movie features gift wrapping, visits with Santa, a neighborhood decoration contest, and a major epiphany for Krispy. This makes it borderline a Christmas movie, but since our protagonist doesn't do her own decorating, and is grudgingly involved in the other activities and they don't actually bring her joy, it does not qualify as a Christmas movie. 


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