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*Review* Destroyer (Slow Burn #3) by Bobby Adair

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Genre: Horror/Zombies
Published: December 28, 2013
Pages: 262
Ages: 16+


Destroyer finds Zed saying goodbye to one friend and pressing forward with two new ones to whom we are introduced in Book 2 – Infected. Mandi, whom Zed and Murphy rescued from the bunker, is immune to the virus. Russell, whose home the others plundered in search of food and other supplies, is also a slow burn, but lower-functioning, childlike and docile. 

After seeing the carnage at the dormitory, a raging, vengeful Zed wants only to kill Mark, his nemesis and the former leader of the ROTC squad. Since Mark has disappeared, Zed unleashes his fury on untold numbers of infected in his path as he makes his way back to the hospital, in an attempt to rescue Steph, a nurse whom he befriended while seeking help for the feverish Murphy shortly after the prison riot. But the brave medical staff, holed up on the tenth floor of the hospital, and running out of provisions, has decided to take matters in hand by exposing themselves to the virus, and shooting those who “turn.” Zed is determined not to face another loss, but once again, time is running out…


I listened to the audiobook version of this and still detest the narrators female voices. They haven't gotten any better (although they are consistent for each female, I do have to give him that) and there are more of them. And in case you haven't read my previous reviews, I don't hold the awful opposite gender voices against him much because they have to be hard to pull off well.

Things are starting to settle down, at least to the new normal. There is still great danger, but the characters are learning how to avoid it, cope with it, or take care of it as needed. I like how the story is still unpredictable and that it still makes sense that it would be. We're still learning about the behavior of the zombies, but we get explanations about why they may be displaying these characteristics from the characters.

I'm a little surprised that at no point has Zed said something along the lines of "I need a drink," though. He started out the apocalypse as a man who drank frequently, and the events up to this point would surely leave most people wanting a drink. Maybe there's really a good reason it hasn't happened, but it strikes me as odd. 

Overall I give this book 4 out of 5 stars because it's still got me intrigued and I do kind of need to read the next part to find out what happened to that one character. - Katie 

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I'm just going to put this out there: I grew up with an irrational fear of Flying Monkeys. How is a little kid supposed to know that they only exist in Oz? I'm not a native of any state. I've lived in so many that I see myself as a native American, which works out for me since I am also fractionally a Native American to an improbable, yet significant degree. I lived more than half of my life in Texas and I have a great affinity for Austin. it is a wonderfully diverse city full of interesting people. I now live in Colorado where I enjoy spending my time in the mountains, cycling, hiking, or walking my dogs. Oh, and writing... I do that too. Join me on my Facebook page if you just can't get enough of my BS or want some insight into upcoming books.

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Like I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm using this series to fulfill my 5 books series block for Book Bingo. I'm 3/5 of the way done (and I hope my lines essentially indicate that.) 

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