Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 21 - Social Media Links

If you are reading this blog post, it likely means that you have liked my page on Facebook or followed me on Twitter, with the former being more likely. Or maybe you have subscribed to my blog (and if that's the case, I love you because that is a totally amazing feeling to have someone that enjoys what I post enough to subscribe and get emails about it.)

This post is for any of you that would like to follow me on other avenues than the one you currently follow me on.

Facebook - This is my most used and preferred social media. I post most things on Facebook, share funny memes that I find while scrolling my personal newsfeed, and basically just use it for pretty much everything blog related.

Twitter - This is a personal Twitter account, but since books=life for me, most of what I post on Twitter is still book related. I have it set up so that my FB page posts auto share on Twitter, so if you follow me on Twitter, you can see the posts that Facebook doesn't want to show you that way. I've also recently started live tweeting my reactions to books (sometimes, I'm not very consistent with it yet), so you can follow me and see those as well.

Instagram - I'm not going to lie, I don't really fully understand Instagram yet, but I use it mostly to share the books that I get in the mail, or at the thrift store, or that I'm currently reading. I often share those same photos on the Facebook page, but again, FB has it's limitations, so if you wanna' see my books, feel free to follow me.

Pinterest - I have largely broken my Pinterest habit (it was tough, but I've done it.) I do occasionally pin book reviews though, and not just mine. So you could follow me in general or if you'd rather just see my book related pins, just follow this board.

Goodreads - I am active on Goodreads in that I routinely update my currently reading and read shelves. I also obsessively enter the Goodreads First Reads giveaways (which is how I get so much book mail). If you want to follow or friend me, I accept all requests.

Proofreading by Katie - I have mentioned at the beginning of several reviews that I am a proofreader. This is the link to my FB page for that, which is all I have at the moment (I know, I need to create a webpage too, I'm working on it sort of.) Most of my posts here are shares from Grammarly, or funny typo posts that I see on my newsfeed. I also occasionally post short definitions of commonly confused words, typically when I encounter the wrong one being used in a book I'm reading (even if I'm not proofreading the book in question.)

And that is all my social media because I'm too old and too unorganized to keep up with any more than that. I'd love to have you follow/like/friend me on all of them. - Katie

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