Wednesday, November 25, 2015

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 23 - eReader or Physical Book

For me, there is no debate on this issue, and while I have preferences, my preferences vary depending on the situation. I feel that both avenues of reading have their merits, so that's what I'm going to talk about today.

"Huge" selection
I love my eReader's (Kindle's mostly, although I also have iPads and an iPhone that I read on from time to time) because they provide instant access to whatever books I want to read. This is especially important where indie books are concerned because I live in Germany, but only speak English. I can't just go to the local library and check out books at will (I wouldn't anyway because I don't like not owning the books I read, but that's irrelevant), and my base library is fairly limited as well. My base bookstore is even more limited, only containing two not particularly long rows of shelves with books on both sides. I rarely find the books that I want to read right now on the shelves at the bookstore (although I have had varying levels of success finding them at my local thrift store.) I also love being able to read in any environment without having to worry about the light not being bright enough to see the page. The other benefit to the eReader is that ebooks tend to be cheaper than their paperback counterparts (particularly indie books), so I get more bang for my buck that way. Finally, with the eReader, I can buy loads of books without cluttering up my house or adding more weight to our household goods when we move back to the states, and I can take thousands of books with me when I travel without taking up much space in my luggage or carry-on.

I love my physical books because it is physically calming to be surrounded by books for me. If I'm excessively stressed and losing it, I actually go sit in my library to help me relax and calm down. Another area where I prefer physical books to eReaders is when I'm reading while taking a bath. Yes, I have taken my eReader with me to the bath before when I was in the middle of a proofreading job and wanted to relax a little while reading, but I prefer paperbacks in this instance because if I should happen to drop it (which has NEVER happened to me yet), at least the paperback will dry and still be readable. The eReader will be toast. I also tend to prefer physical books for Big 5 published books because I can get those cheaper used than I can get them in eBook format. I did just score the entire Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day for $1 at my thrift store last Wednesday.

So eReader or physical book, either way I'm happy, as long as I have a book in my hands. How do you prefer to read? - Katie

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