Friday, November 13, 2015

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 7 - Favorite/Least Favorite Things to Read About

Everyone has tropes that they love to read, genres that they can't get enough of, but they also have those topics that they can't stand, subjects that hold no interest for them. I've already talked about how I have a very wide range of interest in books, but even I have things that I have no interest in reading about because the topics just don't do anything for me.

So because I do what I want, I'm going to start with my least favorite things to read about. One that I posted a review for recently is mob/mafia stories. I have zero interest in books about crime lords, I have zero interest in movies about crime lords too though. Another trend that I just can't get into is MC books (there does seem to be a bit of a trend here). I think I just don't really like reading books about "bad guys" that may or may not have hearts of gold. Maybe it's because deep down I'm a good girl, so stepping into those shoes isn't a very good fit for me. I'm also not particularly fond of contemporary novels. I do read them, and sometimes I enjoy them, but I have to read them sparingly. I believe this is because I love imagining different times and places. As long as a book takes me back to the 1970's or before, I'm happy.

The books that I cannot get enough of, are horror, particularly creepy horror, the kind of books that make me carry a ten foot pole with me to the bathroom so I can use it to push aside the shower curtain just to make sure there's not something in there that's going to get me before I sit down to do my business. If you have some good creepy horror suggestions that will keep me awake because of all those little tiny bumps that inevitably happen when you share a wall with a neighbor, drop them below in the comments, cause I want to check them out. Also, character driven science fiction is a big favorite of mine. I get a little bored with sci-fi that spends a lot of time talking about or describing "modern" technology, but give me a story with some awesomely relatable humanoids on planets with hover boards and food hydrators and I'm a happy camper. I'm also a huge fan of fantasy, particularly when dragons are involved (because dragons are awesome!)

So what are your most and least favorite things to read about? - Katie