Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 5 - Where I blog

That's easy, I blog here, in my office, at my computer. With sunflower seeds to munch on and a mess of other junk littering my desk. One of these days I'm going to clean my desk off, of course that day will likely be the next time we move. But I have some very important things on my desk. There's a pile of fun sized candy bars hidden behind the preschool workbooks so my children don't eat them before I can, giant pens that probably don't write anymore, an envelope of swag that I am eventually going to give away on our Facebook page, scrapbooking paper for a scrapbook that I will almost certainly never have, and two empty Snapple bottles hiding on a shelf, because no desk is complete without empty Snapple bottles. The most important part of my desk though, is that there is a hot spot right where my feet sit from our heated floors, so in the winter my feet will always be toasty while I'm blogging. 

For the bigger picture, I currently blog from Germany, in the German state of Hessen. My family has lived here for almost 4 years now (although not in this particular house. We spent our first three years living on a military base). Aside from the minor annoyance of the language barrier (and it's very minor because most Germans speak fairly good English), I love it here. In our current location we have a doner restaurant that delivers and knows our usual order. When we move back to the states, we are going to have to live at least close to a city big enough to have doners or I will be very sad. And I really don't know what else to say about where I blog, so I guess this post is done. - Katie 

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