Monday, November 24, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 24 - Reading Cave Fantasies

Short post. I don't have them. I don't understand them, unless it's a place where no one could find me and bother me, I don't even need one. I am perfectly happy reading wherever I am (You may have seen my previous post about where I read even, so you know.) The only way I want a reading cave is if it's a room hidden behind a bookcase, because that is just cool! So I guess that is my reading cave fantasy, a room hidden behind a bookcase.

But for the sake of writing more than a single short paragraph, lets go back to my lack of understanding of these reading cave things. What is the point of them? I'm on Pinterest, so I've seen my share of "reading nooks" etc, a lot of them come with the caption, "I'd love to sit and read here," and I always think, "Well sure, if I was there, I'd love to sit and read too," but not, "I'd love to go there to sit and read." Getting to a reading nook takes valuable time away from actual reading. In my post about where I read I talked about having books or devices specifically for certain locations in my house so that when I'm in those locations and want to read, I always have a book handy. I don't need to curl up in my favorite recliner with a cup of hot cocoa and my kindle to be content reading. I can be just as content sitting in my office in front of the computer with a paperback and a glass of lemon water. All I need to be content is a book.

Sure, all these pictures of book nooks look very peaceful, but I've taught myself to read when things around me aren't peaceful. And the fact of the matter is that even if I installed a special book nook in my house, it would soon be overrun by Ninja Turtles and Barbie dolls. I would go to sit down to read my book, and my children would follow with their Play-doh. I may just be too much of a realist to fantasize about something that I know I'll never have. - Katie

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