Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 16 - Least Favorite Blogging Things

I feel a little bit more certain of what to write about here, than I did for yesterday's post.

The thing I like least about blogging, is blog tour sign up forms. I really wish that my computer would just autofill those things out for me. The fact that our email and blog address both use our whole name (Just Another Girl and Her Books) doesn't help matters any, and that's entirely my fault. They are just very tedious to fill out, although I find them much less tedious on the computer than I did when I only had my iPad with which to fill them out (I'm a fairly fast typist.)

My next least favorite thing is the email. It's not that I don't like receiving it, but sorting through blog tour invites, blog tour packets, and review requests is, well, tedious. It's time consuming, boring, and not the kind of reading I want to be doing for the blog. But it's a necessary evil

Then there is Facebook's every changing page algorithms, that make no sense, ever. When we first started the blog, a fair number of our fans saw every post, but in recent weeks, only a very small percentage see anything we post. We are well aware that giveaways can greatly increase page interaction, but we don't get paid to blog, so those come out of our pocket and we just can't afford to be doing them all the time. So without giveaways we are left trying to figure out how to get y'all to talk to us, so that you will still see our posts. One day we will figure out the secret formula (and then Facebook will change again!) - Katie

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