Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#BookBlogWriMo - Day 4 - Why I Blog

I think I discussed this on History of the blog day. Courtney made me do it! She's mean and evil and threatened to tell the world about my problem with incontinence. Okay, none of that last sentence is true, or at least most of that last sentence isn't true. Anyway, back on topic. Courtney is the reason I started. She said it would be fun. I said "I think so too, but I don't have time right now." She said, "I created a Facebook page, here's the link." I thought to myself, "Shit," because I can't say no to anything. Seriously, when I had a job, I'm pretty sure I was the first person the managers called when someone called in sick for a shift I wasn't already working because they knew I would come in.

So why do I still blog? Because Courtney was right, it is fun, most of the time. I really enjoy interacting with other readers on Facebook, and getting the chance to read awesome books before they're even available for purchase. I love that I am now Facebook friends with authors and they comment on MY statuses. But I also love being able to help get the word out about so many great books. But the ultimate reason why I blog; I like the idea that someone might actually care about what I have to say about books. Would I still blog without the Facebook page? Yes. In fact, I had a blog before this one where I wrote reviews of books I'd read (mainstream books), and my posts actually had views and it kind of surprised the heck out of me. I don't think I even know the password for that account now though, but it doesn't matter because I have this one now, and could always create another one if I really wanted to. And that my friends, is the answer to that question. - Katie

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