Sunday, June 10, 2018

*Review* Crown of Draga by Emma Dean

Genre: Erotic Romance
Published: December 12, 2017
Pages: 270

The Draga Galaxy is on the brink of war and Adelina will do everything she can to help, including marrying a male the Crown chooses for her. Varan, the Prince of Thieves has made a move to start an official engagement and while she is falling for Prince Nash, Adelina knows she would accept Varan's proposal.

Despite all this Adelina wants to do more for her people, and she sets out to find a way to help them fight back against a monster that devours and destroys galaxies with no thought to the consequences. Will she be able to find the answers before it's too late?

*This is a slow burn reverse harem series.

I was hired to proofread this book. The only aspects of the story that I influenced were the spelling and grammar. If you feel that my connection with this book makes my review untrustworthy, so be it, but this is my honest review. 

In my review for Princess of Draga I had mentioned hoping that Adelina and Nadyah would soon delve deeper into her camerraleto because I was basically dying for some action between the two of them. The wait was so worth it.

I'm starting to feel pretty familiar with the way society operates in this world, but I still find myself feeling like some of the rules that they live by are incredibly unjust. The punishments for even minor infractions can be absolutely outrageous, and when one in particular was doled out, it made me feel very stabby. As a result, I felt an extra bit of pleasure when Adelina asked a certain male to escort her to her birthday ball where she was officially put on the market for marriage.

Overall I give Crown of Draga 4.9364 stars because I was absolutely engrossed in the story. - Katie 

Emma Dean lives and works in California with her husband and son. She loves romance but needed something different so Draga Court was born. With too many stories to write the schedule has been filled through 2018.

When she’s not writing she’s reading, or spending time with her family.
With publishing now at least she has an excuse for not folding the laundry ;)

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