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*Author Spotlight* D.M. Brittle

D.M. Brittle

Beautifully Unbroken


A high profile relationship is difficult at the best of times, but when it ends in tragedy, it isn't easy to move on and that's exactly what happened to Jo Summers.... Forced to carry memories she would rather forget, Jo chose to build a firm perimeter around herself, vowing that any man in her life would only bring more hurt and pain.With the need for a fresh start, a new chapter begins in Jo's life when she is offered a dream role in a highly anticipated film. It's everything she has dreamed of; a new life in New York, a country where few know of her and she could start again.... that was until she fell under the spell of her co star Blake Mackenzie. Jo's feelings for Blake quickly grow but with the haunting memories of her past hanging over her like a dark cloud, she has no option but to open up her soul once again and leave her feelings dangerously open and vulnerable. Blake vows to prove to her that you can be happy without the pain, but with scarred memories as a constant reminder of how love can cut so deeply, her natural instinct is to run. Determined to overcome mistrust, her relationship is allowed to grow with Blake. With the future feeling like a beautiful dream it's hard to believe she has finally found happiness, but with the past never far from her thoughts, could it all come back to haunt her?


It was only a short drive to the beach, but because of the amount of luggage needed by Blake’s parents for one afternoon there, Blake and I took his car while Marti and Julia took theirs. The beach wasn’t as busy as I had anticipated, which pleased me. But I was sure that as soon as word got out that Blake was here, that would probably change. We took up a large section of the beach near a fairly secluded area. I helped Julia set up the chairs and umbrellas while Marti and Blake decided on the best part of the area in which to set up the baseball court. Sitting back in the lounger, I let myself relax and take in the noise of the waves and the gentle sound of the breeze bringing the waves in and out gently. I hadn’t yet been brave enough to remove my sundress; there were too many eyes around, and my scar was visible for those who looked too closely.
“Coming in for a swim?” Blake’s body hovered above me, blocking the sun from my view. He was dripping wet from the sea; the water glistened as the sun rested on his broad shoulders.
 “I don’t swim in the sea, Blake,” I laughed, shaking my head.
 “What? Why not?” he asked, shocked. I shuddered.
 “Because there are things in there.”
 “Sharks,” I said matter-of-factly.
 Blake laughed. “We don’t get sharks here.”
 “They said the same in Cornwall until some turned up.”
 “Walk with me then,” he said, holding his hand out to me. I took it, and he helped me to stand.
 “Don’t you think you should wear your hat?” I asked as we started walking.
 “I have sunblock on.”
 “It’s not the sun that worries me.” I nodded to a large gang of girls that were watching us as we approached where they sat.
 “You’re not jealous again, are you?” Blake teased as he placed both hands around my waist and lifted me into the air. I let out a small scream as he carried me to the water’s edge before slowly releasing me. The waves felt warm as the water lapped against our feet gently. 
“You know I can’t help but get jealous when someone looks at you,” I said, pouting. 
“So, so cute,” he said before scooping me up into his arms and carrying me out to sea until the water splashed against my bum.
 “Blake, don’t please,” I pleaded. “Take me back.” I gripped his arms so tightly they changed colour. Blake stopped walking when the water level was above his shorts.
 “Can you swim?” he teased.
 “Do not put me down in this water,” I warned.
 “Or what?” he teased.
 “You’ll see,” I said desperately. Blake’s grip loosened but then tightened as he pretended to drop me. I gasped in horror.
 “You know,” he said, nipping my ear, “no one can see what goes on below this water; we could have some fun.” He smiled wickedly. I slapped him on the chest playfully, unable to hide my smile.
 “I’m about to stamp on that thought for you right now.”
 “Never,” he said, shaking his head.
 “Your sister just arrived,” I said, nodding over to where Jasmine, Robert, and Fraser had just arrived at Marti and Julia. Blake let out a small growl of frustration before looking over his shoulder.
 “Maybe next time.” He shrugged smugly.
 “Maybe,” I replied with a smile. Blake walked us back to the shore, releasing me as we left the water and taking my hand.

“Uncle Bakey, Uncle Bakey!” Fraser’s voice carried the whole of the way to us as he came running at full speed towards Blake.
 “Here’s my favourite boy,” Blake said, holding his arms out to Fraser, who hit him at full force when he finally got to Blake. Blake lifted him and spun him in circles, causing Fraser to giggle hysterically. A warm feeling filled my chest. Watching Blake so carefree and loving with Fraser was humbling. My mind wandered briefly to Blake spinning our child like that, our child giggling hysterically with joy. I didn’t even notice that I was daydreaming until Blake called my name and waved his hand in front of my face. “You in there, Jo?” he asked.
 “Yes,” I said quickly. “Sorry, I was just thinking.”
 “Say hi to Aunty Jo, Fraser,” Blake said, holding Fraser in his arms. 
“Hi.” He smiled.
 “Hello, Fraser.”
 “I like your glasses,” he said.
 "Thank you. Do you want to try them on?” Fraser nodded enthusiastically as I took my glasses off and placed them over his eyes, covering the majority of his face. He struggled out of Blake’s arms and headed back to jasmine, showing her his new glasses.
 “He likes you,” Blake said, placing his arm around my waist.
 “He liked my glasses.” I smiled as we started walking back to the party.
 “I know what you were thinking back there, you know.”
 “Oh you do, do you?”
 “I can’t wait for us to have children either,” he said as we rejoined the family. Before I had a chance to reply, he had loosed me and grabbed a towel from the bag and started drying himself off.
 “Jo, it’s lovely to see you again,” Jasmine said as she shimmied out of her denim shorts before holding out her hand, which I shook firmly. I smiled shyly. “Hello, Jasmine. I’m sorry about the last time we met; I feel like such a fool for thinking that you were . . .” I gestured to Blake and back to Jasmine. She laughed and waved me off. “I can imagine how it looked. I’m sorry it never clicked who you were, I knew about you; Blake had told me enough times.” She rolled her eyes in his direction. “I just didn’t think,” she said apologetically.
 “It all turned out well in the end,” Blake said, placing his arm over my shoulder and planting a rough kiss on the side of my head. “This here is my brother-in-law, Robert.”
 “Hello, Jo, how do you do?” he said in his best British accent, which got everyone laughing in his direction.
 “Robert, I told you not to do that,” Jasmine said behind her smile.
 “No you didn’t,” he argued. “You told me not to do my Dick Van Dyke impression. ‘Why, it’s Mary Poppins!’” Everyone laughed except for Fraser, who started looking around frantically. “Where Daddy?”
 “Now look what you have done,” Jasmine said.
 “It’s lovely to meet you, Robert,” I said, shaking his hand.
 “You too,” he replied with a smile. He then turned to face Blake. “Blake, remind me I have your keys; everything is as per your request.” He patted Blake firmly on the back.
 “Thank you, I appreciate it,” Blake replied, throwing the towel onto one of the chairs before turning to see my confusion. Jasmine had noticed too.
 “My lazy brother asked us to go pack his case, Jo,” she said. “That way you two can have a peaceful evening before he jets off on Monday.” She smiled. 
“You had your sister drive down from Boston to pack for you?” I shook my head in disbelief.
 “Yes, well, we get more time together, and Jasmine doesn’t mind. Do you, Jasmine?” Blake said.
 “Of course not.” She waved me off again. “Anything for my superstar baby brother.” she smiled. Marti started clapping his hands firmly to get everyone’s attention. “Well, here we go,” Julia said under her breath. Marti ran through the few rules that he had invented for beach baseball. Everyone would be playing, including little Fraser, who apparently had his grandpa’s catch already. It was decided that I would bat first with Jasmine pitching. As good as I was at rounders back in high school, I had never batted a ball on a public beach before in front of my film star boyfriend and his family, one of whom happened to be the most famous baseball player in the world. I dug my toes into the sand and prepared for the looming humiliation.
“You have no idea what thoughts are going through my mind right now from this angle.”
 “Stop trying to put me off,” I said innocently before giving Blake a little wiggle of my behind just as Jasmine stepped up to throw the ball. I heard Blake’s low growl bubble up from inside him. Jasmine threw the ball and I whacked it. I whacked it so hard, in fact, that it skipped past all of the fielders and landed nicely in the sea. Dropping the bat, I ran and managed a full circle before Robert reappeared wet from the sea, holding the ball above his head.
 “Impressive.” Marti nodded with a smile. “You certainly make up where Blake lacks, let me tell you.” Everyone laughed except for Blake.
 “I’m batting next,” he said in frustration. “I’ll show you I can hit the damn ball.”
 “Blake!” Julia said.
 “Give me the bat.”
 “If you insist,” Marti said, amused by Blake. Robert threw Marti the ball as everyone took their places. Because of the speed at which Marti was able to throw the ball, Robert took on the role of catcher, and I stood in the outfield with Jasmine. Quite a crowd had now gathered to watch. Word had obviously got around that Blake and Marti were here. But as much as I hated attention, especially if I was the centre of it, today it felt good. Since arriving at the beach, I had felt relaxed, even though I felt a pang of jealousy when a group of girls had been drooling over Blake. He had shrugged off the attention and given all of his attention to me. I really believed that he was doing what he had promised all along. He was fixing me. Blake narrowed his eyes at Marti as he took his position to bat. Marti approached, throwing the ball into the air over and over as they stared at each other with determination. I heard Jasmine snort to the left of me, causing me to turn my head to meet her. 
“Sorry,” she laughed, “but this is hilarious; look at them both.” Glancing their way quickly, I too burst into laughter.
 “Are they always so competitive?”
 “Oh God yes,” she replied. “This one time, when Blake was eight or nine—” 
“Jo!” I heard Marti call out. “Jo, the ball! It’s yours! Catch the ball!”
 Everything happened in slow motion. I could hear the calls from Marti, and I could see that Blake had dropped his bat and was heading for first base. What I didn’t see was the ball—not until it hit me straight in the face, knocking me off my feet as I stumbled back and fell to the sand beneath me. Everyone gasped. “I’m okay!” I yelled as I scrambled back to my feet, slightly embarrassed. “I’m okay. No harm done.” 
“Your nose is bleeding,” I heard Julia gasp as everyone gathered around me. “Oh my God,” Blake said, mortified. “I’m so sorry.”
 “It’s okay,” I said calmly. “It’s just a bit of blood; I’m fine. Stop fussing.” I heard Marti laugh, and everyone turned their attention to him. He stopped laughing instantly. “What?” he asked, shrugging his shoulders.
 “She could have broken her nose; for God’s sake, Dad, she’s filming next week,” Jasmine said as she tilted my head until we got to a towel.
 “I’m fine. I know it’s not broken; I can move it, see?” I said, wiggling my nose before placing the beach towel against it. Marti started laughing again.
 “Will you stop laughing, Dad; look at her,” Blake said this time.
 “I’m sorry,” he said before looking to me. “Jo, I’m sorry. But the first time in thirty years that Blake here hits a ball, he goes and whacks it straight at his girlfriend’s nose. You’ve got to admit, it’s kind of funny.” One by one we all started to laugh—all of us except Blake. “Come on, Blake, stop being such a moody pants,” Marti laughed as a small smile lifted Blake’s lips.
 “That was one hell of a shot too, damn it,” Blake said before crouching down in front of me.
 “Certainly was a good shot,” I said.
 “You sure you’re okay?”
 “I’m fine,” I assured him.
 “Okay. But we’re going home,” he said, standing and grabbing his T-shirt.
 “Why?” I asked, disappointed.
 “You shouldn’t be out in this heat with your nose like that,” he said.
 “So you want to go back to New York?” I asked, confused.
“Can you all see why I love this lady as much as I do?” Blake asked everyone. “Back home as in to my parent’s house.”
 “Oh,” I replied, feeling a fool before standing. I slipped into my sandals, but before I got a chance to walk, Blake had scooped me up into his arms. “Blake, my nose is bleeding; my legs haven’t stopped working,” I teased.
 “Jo,” he said with a lopsided smile, “even your sandals have heels, I’ve already bent your nose; I’m not risking you falling and breaking your neck to go with it.” The crowd that had gathered all began to cheer as we headed back to the car. “Do you think we will top eight million hits with this one?” Blake laughed, nodding towards a spectator holding up his phone, recording us. “Oh God,” I whined as I buried my head into Blake’s chest and closed my eyes tightly.

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D. M. Brittle had been interested in writing a novel for a few years but had never managed to put pen to paper until January 2013. She loves romance novels and is in love with the idea of love, which made writing Jo and Blake’s story her passion. Her writing stalled last summer when her dad became ill. Unfortunately her dad passed away just before Christmas. Starting the new year, she decided to get back into writing the story, knowing that her dad would be more than proud of her for achieving something that she had dreamed about for so long. Brittle currently lives in the West Midlands, England, with her husband of fourteen years and her two girls, who are nine and four.

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