12 Books of Christmas Challenge '18

I don't know about y'all, but when Christmas time comes around, I always get the urge to dive into cheesy Christmas stories. With that in mind, I'm pleased to announce the second annual 12 Books of Christmas Challenge. I realize September seems early to be thinking about reading Christmas books, but the publishers are already sending out Christmas ARCs (Advance Reader Copy), and I know there are bloggers out there who schedule their reading two months in advance. If you still have the urge to throw your pumpkin spice latte at me for bringing up Christmas before we've even celebrated Halloween, might I suggest donating a few dollars to me through my PayPal link so at least one of us can enjoy the PSL. 

The Rules

This is supposed to be a fun, light-hearted challenge, so the rules will be minimal. 
  1. Tell everybody about the 12 Books of Christmas Challenge (#12BooksOfXmas). 
  2. Build a blog post or create a Goodreads shelf of the books you intend to read for the challenge (you can see mine here.) You can read outside your list, this is just a starting point. Then come back and add your name to the link-up. (Be sure to visit the other bloggers to see what they'll be reading.) Bloggers, please link back to this page so others can find the sign-up if they wish to join. 
  3. Reviews must be posted between November 22 and December 24. The review link-up will open on November 22th. Bookmark this page to add your reviews as you get them posted. 
  4. Any winter holiday themed books count (i.e.: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa etc.) Check out the books we read and reviewed last year by clicking here.
  5. There are four achievement levels for this challenge, so read as few or as many books as you want. 
  6. Have fun!
Achievement Levels

Christmas could not happen without Santa's many elves, so everyone who participates will get Elf Status. 

We know all about Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and the other reindeer, and the important job they do, but let's be honest, Santa probably has a couple of back-up reindeer in the stable just in case Rudolph's red nose is a little runny on Christmas eve. That being said, flying the big guy around all night takes stamina, so to achieve Reindeer Status you'll need to power through at least five books. 

It takes a truly committed woman to stand by a man with a job as demanding as Santa's. To achieve Mrs. Claus Status, you'll need to commit to reading at least nine books. 

The jolly guy in the red suit is tasked with bringing joy to all the boys and girls on Christmas day. To earn Santa Status, you'll need to bring joy to at least twelve authors by reading and reviewing their books this holiday season.

Be sure to post this on your blog so everyone knows you're participating in the challenge.

Feel free to use any of my graphics in your blog posts, on your Facebook or Twitter, or wherever else, but please link back to this page if you do. 

Sign ups for the challenge will remain open until Christmas Eve because I refuse to be the Scrooge that tells people they can't join the fun at the last minute.

And starting on November 22th (Black Friday) you can submit your review links to the link-up below. In place of the name, please use the title and author of the book you're leaving a review for.

And I think that pretty much covers it. I hope you'll all join me for a fun reading challenge this holiday season. And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in a comment (it's very possible I've forgotten to mention something.) - Katie


  1. I'm throwing down the double dog dare - Top Santa status will be minz!

    1. I can believe it. You're a reading machine! I am in awe of the number of reviews you post regularly. - Katie

    2. I have no doubt, oh Reading Master!

  2. Ho Ho Ho Hey Girl, don't worry about the link not existing at the moment on my announcement post. I scheduled it to go up tomorrow. *crosses fingers.

  3. Thanks for hosting! I love Christmas books

  4. I am definitely in. This sounds fabulous. (I wrote the above too but it keeps calling me anonymous.)

    1. If you're using Safari, that might be the problem...I have to get on Google Chrome to be able to respond to comments on my OWN blog as myself right now. And so happy to have you joining in! - Katie

  5. Check me out! I just uploaded SEVEN reviews!