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*Review* Wally and the Sweet Mountain Candy Factory by Meghan E. Christensen


Genre: Children's 2-7 years
Published: November 11, 2019
Pages: 38

Say Hi to Wally. He is a candy maker and today--YOU ARE TOO!

Put on your candy making hat and find a conveyor belt; there is work to be done!

Stretch, roll, and sprinkle!

Wally dreams of becoming a candy maker--just like his dad, his dad's dad, and his dad's dad's dad. It's his first day of work and all is awesome, until EVERYTHING GOES OUT OF CONTROL! Who is causing the candy making chaos, and what will Wally do when he learns the identity of the unlikely culprit?

Together pick and choose from a side column of suggested questions to ask or actions to do, to create a personal story and enrich the reading experience together.

*BONUS beyond the book activities in the back, including "Wally's Wacky Taffy" personalized by popular food blogger, THE GIRL WHO ATE EVERYTHING, and your own family tree to create and spark meaningful family conversations!

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley. This is my honest review. 

This is an interactive story about a boy who goes to work in his family's candy factory (it's a family business which makes it perfectly legal even though he is a child, although being a factory that may not be quite true). He is excited to work in the factory though, and who wouldn't be because candy. There are questions and prompts along the way to encourage your child to take part in the adventure of a day working in a candy factory. 

I wish I could talk about the illustrations, but my version of the book from Netgalley didn't have them. All I got was the words so I don't know what to expect on that front unfortunately. My mind filled in the blanks with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory type images, because candy. As far as rereads go, this one would be a mixed bag. The story was fairly fun, but I could see the reading taking increasingly longer times as kids get more and more into the prompts, potentially using it to delay things like bedtime. Overall I give the book 3.46 out of 5 stars since I didn't get to see the illustrations. - Katie 

Meghan Christensen finds great joy in reading to her three children. She can often be found with a full lap, behind piles of picture books, reading to the little members of her captivated audience. Meghan and her family live in Ohio. This is her first children's book.

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