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*Review* Ethan and Mia's Space Adventure by Karin Aaron and Danny Friedman


Genre: Children's 3-8
Published: July 31, 2021
Pages: 36

Does your child ever get bored? This book will teach them how to use their imaginations to pass the time.

Mia, Ethan, and Coco the dog, are going on a trip to visit their grandparents. During the long drive, they get bored quickly and need to find ways to keep themselves entertained inside the car. Using their developed imaginations, they meet alien friends and travel on a spaceship.

Through humor, this empowering picture book will encourage your children to think positively, use imagination in everyday life, and be happy and confident. They will remain positive, creative, responsible, and supportive of each other.

They will read this book again and again!

Inspiring creativity, thinking outside the box, and taking initiative, this series is a must-have for parents and teachers.

How will they pass the time on the long trip to their grandparents?

Read the book to find out!

I received a copy of this book through Netgalley. This is my honest review. 

This is a short story about a long car ride to visit the grandparents and what a couple of kids do to pass the time. They have a fabulous imagination and turn the car ride in a space adventure where they encounter some aliens on the way. The imagine where the aliens are going, and consider whether they will like earth and even question whether they have an alien dog. It's probably a better way to occupy a kid's time on a long car trip than giving them a screen to play with (and I'm not hating on using screens because my family did that when the kids were little because it works). 

The illustrations were colorful and fun, especially once they started talking about the aliens they encountered. I think this is a book I could read a few times before I got tired of it, especially if I noticed it helping my kids use their imaginations more to occupy themselves considering our screen habit. Overall I give this book 4.12 out of 5 stars. - Katie 

Karin Aaron has been a lawyer, social media manager, and Israeli Supernanny. She is the author of two successful books.

There is no boring moment for Karin and her husband while raising three hyperactive children. Sometimes she wishes she had the "Magic Power" herself so she could get away and rest on a desert island. In the meantime, she keeps using her imagination and writes for adults and children.

Visit Karin's website:

Award-winning author Danny Friedman usually writes thrillers, but when his children asked him to write a book they could read, he immediately said yes.

Ten years later—when they were old enough to read his thrillers— The Magic Power series came to life.

Danny is also an editor and an entrepreneur. He has an MBA, and in the past, he was a technology journalist and a programmer. Danny lives with his wife, two children, and their dog.

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