Friday, November 23, 2018

*Book Blogger Hop* 23 November 2018

We are on to a new week for the Book Blogger Hop hosted by the lovely folks over at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. This weeks questions is:
You meet an interesting person of the opposite sex at a club. Suddenly, they start acting as if they're a character in a novel you've read, and they are firmly convinced that they ARE that character. First, which character is it, and second, how do you react? (submitted by Maria @ A Night's Dream of Books)
This is such a trick question. I mean, the logical side of me figures that the person would most likely start acting like a character from a contemporary romance, so I can imagine the dude going all Christian Grey on me or something. But this question also makes it seem like I get to decide who the mystery guy gets to be, and frankly, I'd much rather he be a merman. So with that in mind, he'd be Carter Stevens from Diving Under (and the rest of the Spark of Life Series) by Ginna Moran. I'm sure I'd be a little leery at first, because he'd come on a bit strong for us having just met, but once he starts talking about wanting to feed me, I'd be all in, at least for a night.

Who would you like to run into at the club? - Katie

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  1. YES TO ALL THE MERMAIDS... OR MERMEN. You know, as much as I love the merfolk and as many enamel pins and shirts that i have, I haven't read a single book. I might look into this one. Great post, here's my post.

    1. You should definitely check the series out, especially if you like sweet romance stories (because the mermen are super sugary sweet). Thanks for stopping by. - Katie

  2. I haven't heard of this series, but will DEFINITELY look it up on Goodreads! I ADORE mermaid/mermen stories!! :)

    It sounds like you'd have some fun playing along with the guy. Lol. But just for that one night! They you'd probably run for the hills, right? Lol.

    Thanks for sharing!! And thanks for commenting on my own BBH post!! Have a GREAT week!! <3 :)

    1. Yeah, I don't see myself being down for the roleplaying for more than a night, maybe two. It'd just be way too awkward if he really thought he was a merman. Definitely check the series out, especially if you like sweet romance. Thanks for stopping by. - Katie