Monday, January 4, 2016

*Review* Torrent (Slow Burn #5) by Bobby Adair

Genre: Horror/Zombies
Published: July 13, 2014
Pages: 329
Setting: Austin, Texas


Survive the infection! Survive the Infected! 

Following his none-too-soon reunion with his friends at the safe house, Zed is hoping things can finally fall into a stable routine, but in post-virus Austin, things are far from stable. On a mission to raid the ammunition bunkers at Camp Mabry, Zed and Murphy spot a group of the newer, naked infected, who are exhibiting some sophisticated and disturbing new behaviors, such as scouting and hunting – for them.

After a narrow escape, the two pass the home of Mr. Mays on the return trip, stirring Zed’s predictable rescuer impulse. Finding Mr. Mays dead, Zed brings fellow chain gang escapee Nico along to join the group, whose numbers have grown again, thanks to their merger with the girls on the riverboat, where the group has moved, as seems to be the safest hiding place… Or is it?


Like the previous 4 books in the series, I listened to the audio of this book. I feel like Murphy's voice has changed slightly in the last two books, it seems to have a stronger Southern drawl than was present in the first three books. The drawl would not be out of place, but it's something I'm pretty sure I would have noticed sooner.

I feel like these stories are all starting to blend together a little; basically I can't remember exactly what happened in which book, which means the books are fitting together pretty seamlessly at this point. It also makes me even more reluctant to go into much detail at all because spoilers.

The action in the story continues with decent suspense buildup and reasonable amounts of down time too. Zed is finally starting to realize that his benevolence isn't always a good thing and he actually starts to question his actions a little more.

Extreme weather comes into play and seems to really change the game, at least on the surface. Whether it helps or hurts our hero more is still undetermined.

Overall I give Torrent 4 out of 5 stars. I may or may not continue the series now that I have that requirement on Book Bingo completed. - Katie 

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About the Author

Bobby Adair is a programmer, with a long-lived passion—and only recently fulfilled desire—for writing. "I’m just another off-white American who sits within four cube walls of a blandly unidentifiable color and stares at a computer screen trying to will esoteric snippets of code into compilings of software. Or, some might say that I’m exploring the limits of how little productive work a man can do while still managing to pay my rent, feed my dogs, and maintain the uninterrupted status of my bi-weekly compensation. At work...mostly I just stare. But I love writing books...and I hope that you enjoy Slow Burn: Torrent.

Challenge Scorecard 

Torrent finishes off my 5 book block for my Book Bingo challenge from 2015. I also went ahead and marked off the 5 book TBR pile block because I know I completed it, I just didn't track it well during the year. So I only need a trilogy, a steampunk, and two re-reads (I'm thinking about re-reading the Harry Potter series this year, so that will cover that at least) and I will have my 2015 Book Bingo card complete. Then I can stop living in the past and move on to 2016 :) 


  1. I haven't read any of these zombie books...but I like a good zombie book when I can find it. Thanks for reviewing this one. (BTW...which is the first book in this series?)

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    2. Zero Day is the first book, but you can get the box set of the first three books for free on Amazon right now. -->

      (Deleted my previous comment because I had the wrong title for the first book.)