Monday, December 21, 2015

*Holiday Spotlight* A Very Wellington Christmas by Annalisa Nicole

Author: Annalisa Nicole
Genre: Romance
Published: November 21, 2015
Pages: 102


Quinn Landry loves the holidays, particularly Christmas. It’s her favorite time of year. She loves her family and especially loves being a part of the Wellington family. Family isn’t just a word to the Wellington’s…it’s everything. 
She loves to spoil her nieces and has her sights set on graduating this spring. She believes that wishes and miracles, during this time of year, can come true. Her life couldn't be more perfect…until she opens her mouth under the mistletoe to one tall, dark, and brooding Levi Sutton.
Levi Sutton hates the holidays, especially the last two weeks in December. Seven years ago he lost everything that mattered in his life. He believes that wishes and miracles can only come true when unicorns fart glitter. Other than his job, he’s bitter, withdrawn, and not interested in sharing his time or life with anyone…until his mistletoe encounter with the sassy, back talking, opinionated Quinn Landry.
If kissing under the mistletoe isn’t an option, can making a wish under the mistletoe bring not only one, but two wishes true?
Can Quinn crack Levi’s tough exterior and show him that hope, life, and love still exist?
Can Levi open his eyes to see past his clouded anger to finally forgive and allow his heart to feel love again?


December, I not only buried my precious daughter, but I also buried my wife. Our home wasn’t just empty, it was dead. The only thing that still lived there was the puppy Ivy tried to save. Lucky is the only thing that keeps me company at night now. “Oh, mistletoe. You know what that means?” Quinn says, breaking me out of my thoughts. I look at Quinn as she points above our heads. Mistletoe hangs from the center of the doorframe above us. I feel the blood leaving my face at the thought of kissing another woman. “We don’t have to kiss,” she says, embarrassed, reading my mind. “We can just make a wish,” she finishes. “Wishes are for idiotic, adolescent fools. Don’t waste your breath,” I say and walk away. I haven’t decorated a Christmas tree since I begrudgingly did seven years ago, and I’m sure as hell not going to do it today. I walk into Samuel’s office and instantly a fraction of the suffocating weight is lifted off my shoulders. His office is lined with thick, dark, wooden bookshelves bursting with law books. It’s no wonder two of his kids became lawyers like he was. His oversized wooden desk is immaculately clean and the whole room smells like old leather and cigars. I close the door behind me and take a seat in one of his leather chairs. In front of me, on an antique round coffee table, is one of those old trays filled with heavy crystal decanter bottles you see in old movies. Inside is the brown liquid I craved not ten minutes ago. I remove the heavy crystal stopper, flip over a glass, and pour myself two fingers of whiskey. I sink back in the chair, lift my leg, rest my ankle on my other knee, hold the glass with my thumb and forefinger, and bring it to my lips. The amber liquid slides down the back of my throat as the familiar taste of loss and regret return. Tears sting my eyes, and I fight the urge to grab the bottle and down it just to forget the memories. Both the bad memories, because they remind me of what I lost, and the good memories, because they remind me of what I once had. Sometimes the good memories hurt more than the bad. The door opens and Quinn pokes her head inside. She sees me sitting there, walks into the room, and closes the door behind her. “Are you drinking to remember or to forget?” she asks.

About the Author

I'm an "Indie" Adult Contemporary Romance author. I've been married to my wonderful husband since 1996 and I love being a stay-at-home mom to our two teenage boys. I was born and raised in Michigan, but currently live in beautiful California. A thought occurred to me in December of 2012 that maybe I could write a romance novel. So, I went to work with the encouragement of my husband and sister-in-law. It didn’t take long to figure out that I absolutely love writing. Today I’m a self-published author and it has been an amazing journey. I published my debut novel Take A Chance in October of 2013.


What inspired you to become an author?
I picked up the 50 Shades books and I devoured them along with many oneclick books after that. I kept telling my sister-in-law about every book I read. She said you have a way describing books. You should write your I did. I self published my fist book on Halloween 2013.

I assume all authors also love to read, so what book inspired your love of reading?
I'd have to say as a kid the Little House books. As an adult 50 Shades.

How old were you when you wrote your first story?

Who are some of your favorite authors now?
Kristen Ashley, Tara Sivec, Colleen Hoover...

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Mostly a pantser. I have the story in my head...mostly scenes here and there, but the majority of it comes as I'm typing.

Are your characters based on people you know?
Not so far.

What are some of your writing rituals?
I like to be an empty house. I open my doc and reread what I wrote the day before and do some modification, then let my fingers fly!

How do other books influence your writing? 
So far I'd say they haven't.

How do you get motivated to sit down and write with all the real world interruptions?
That can be media is a distraction. But once I sit down and start reading what I wrote the day before, the characters just take over!

Which one of your books is your favorite? 
Hmmm...I'd have to say Unavoidable Chance, but that's a tough question! They're all my babies! I have two in my head right now that if they turn out how my mind thinks they will...they may take it!

If you could have a writing retreat anywhere in the world, where would you want it to be and why?
Hawaii! I'd love to sit on the warm beach with a cocktail!

If your main character were an alcoholic beverage, which beverage would they be and why?
That's tough!

If you could live in a fictional world, which world would you choose and why?
I'll take any of the one's my books are in!! lol

What’s the best way to hide a body?
I'd have to call my fest friend! lol

This or That

Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
Paperback or e-reader? E-reader
Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
Peeta or Gale? Peeta
Edward or Jacob? Who? lol
Money or love? Both - I'm greedy that way!
Tattoos or bare? Tattoos
Hairy or smooth? Smooth
Call or text? Text
Hot or cold? Hot
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Halloween or Christmas? Christmas
McDonald’s or Burger King? McD's
Batman or Spiderman? Batman

Oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip? Chocolate chip

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