Tuesday, December 1, 2015

*Holiday Spotlight* Keep the Faith, Ellen McGuire by Donna Walo-Clancy

Author: Donna Walo-Clancy
Genre: Romance
Published: June 13, 2014
Pages: 195


Ellen, a struggling single mom, only has one wish for Christmas; a better life for her children. A factory job, two states away, becomes available and Ellen uproots her family hoping for a new beginning. The plant manager, Tom, is one of the most handsome and nicest men Ellen has ever met. She gets butterflies every time he is near, but he doesn't even notice her. Two weeks before Christmas, the owner of the factory fires fifty percent of the people working there. As Ellen desperately looks for work in the small town, her faith wains. Enter Maggie, an angel in training who is sent to help Ellen restore her faith and get the family through the holidays. Magical things happen to those who believe. Wishes can come true and romance can become a reality when you least expect it.


The limo pulled up to the factory, and parked at the front door. There were already a lot of people there and they all turned to watch who was getting out of the limo. The chauffeur opened the door and helped the family to exit. Ellen stepped out and everyone started whispering among themselves. The kids followed and they walked up to the door together. Abbey came running over to Ellen. “Where did you get that car?” asked Abbey. “Tom sent it for us,” answered Ellen. “Pretty weird, huh?” “Let’s go inside. The doors to the main factory floor were locked so no one could get in. Everyone’s in the lobby near the time clock,” said Abbey. “It’s six o’clock now and that’s when the doors are supposed to open.” “Come on, kids,” said Ellen. The same three elves that had passed out the invitations the day before appeared at the interior factory doors. They rang the bells they carried to get everyone’s attention. “Mr. Tom Dawson welcomes you to the first annual Dawson Plastics Factory Christmas party. Please enjoy yourselves and partake of all the food, drinks and activities that are there for you inside Dawson’s Christmas Wonderland. Open the doors.” The double doors swung open. Inside, the factory had been transformed into a magnificent vision of the North Pole. Giant snowflakes hung from the ceiling that glistened when they spun around. Straight ahead, on the far wall, was a golden throne surrounded by stacks of presents. Candy canes lined the paths from activity to activity and table to table. To the right of the throne was a thirty foot Christmas tree, with thousands of lights and ornaments adorning it. Unwrapped toys of all kinds surrounded the glowing tree. “Mommy, look,” squealed Jason, pointing to the area behind the food tables. One of Santa’s reindeer's, accompanied by an elf, was standing inside a wooden fence eating hay. He had on a red harness and bells hung from his antlers. There was another elf standing outside the fence, with a camera, waiting to take pictures of the kids with the reindeer. “This is unbelievable,” said Abbey. “Ellen, Tom did all this?” “I don’t know,” answered Ellen, still taking in the transformation of the factory.

About the Author

I was born in Rockland, Massachusetts. I now live on Cape Cod. My three children are in their twenties, which leaves me time for writing in between jobs. I have a wonderful little dog named Zumiez, who is my writing assistant, as she insists on sitting in my lap while I am at the computer. I have two published books, The Baby Factory and Keep the Faith, Ellen McGuire. The Big Mistake Club, a YA book, will be released in January 2016.

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