Monday, December 22, 2014

30 Days of Christmas - Day 20 - The Easter Bunny Saves Christmas

I mentioned earlier that I was probably going to resort to using children's books in order to get caught up on my book reviews. With any luck, this will be the only one required because I should be able to get the novella I have started finished this evening as well.

Genre: Children's/Holiday
Published: December 4, 2014
Pages: 35
Ages: 0-8
(My estimate)


Most people only think about the Easter Bunny at Easter. But Easter Bunny, and his friends, have adventures all year long. 

They live in a place called Easterville. It is a lovely place where the weather is beautiful all the time. Except for 4 weeks in January when it’s winter! Winter is very cold and it usually snows. So Easter Bunny and his friends dress up warm, stop working, and spend all their time playing outside 

Adventures in Easterville, an exciting new series of stories for kids, is lavishly illustrated with pictures on every page. Enjoy reading these stories along with your young child, and laugh along with the funny antics of Easter Bunny and his friends. 

In “The Easter Bunny Saves Christmas”, when Easter Bunny visits his friend Santa Claus at the North Pole he is shocked to find Santa is sick and may have to cancel Christmas! 

Can Easter Bunny learn to drive Santa's sleigh and save Christmas? Or will children all over the world wake up to find a Christmas tree with no presents?


When tragedy strikes the North Pole and Santa finds himself with a horrible cold a week before Christmas, it seems that Christmas will be ruined this year. But then the Easter Bunny steps in to save the day. 

So I thought the idea behind this book was cute, but the delivery is a bit ridiculous, even for a kids book. For one thing, Santa only has a cold, and he basically stays in bed for a whole week and doesn't recover enough to deliver the presents himself? I wish having a cold meant I got to spend even a whole day in bed, I wouldn't even need a week. Small children will not realize this is ridiculous though, so it's not reflected in my rating.

I liked how the author used photographs to illustrate the story. It gave it an almost Claymation feel to it in my opinion, and the pictures were cute. 

I did have one big problem with this story, and it's that capital letters are used sporadically throughout the book, with no discernible purpose. You should all know by now that I'm a stickler for grammar and spelling, and this sort of falls in that category. I can handle the occasional all capital word or phrase to denote yelling. It's not really necessary if the book is written well, but I can handle it. I don't feel like these all caps words were intended to be yelling though, at least not all of them, or I would have spent half the book yelling. Sure, this is a children's book, and maybe it shouldn't matter, except being a children's book means that this is early exposure to writing techniques and it gives the impression that following standard writing rules is not important, and it really is. 

Overall I give this book 4 out of 5 stars because it was a cute story, even if it was ridiculous and I would recommend it to other parents and grandparents of small children. I just really had an issue with the excessive unnecessary use of capital letters. - Katie 

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