Thursday, December 18, 2014

30 Days of Christmas- Day 16 - The Wager: A Game Changer Holiday Prequel by Rene Folsom

This story is the second in the Winter Kiss: Holiday Romance Anthology produced by the ladies of Rising Indies United. This story is also available on it's on own Amazon. Again, I do what I want, and I wanted to split this up into three days of reviews.  And I'm on a real streak of being late here that I am still hoping to break later today.

Genre: Romance/Holiday
Published: December 15, 2014
Pages: 246
Ages: 18+


You'd think the masks would come off once the ball drops at the New Year’s masquerade, but tossing caution to the wind, Liam and Maci decide to have a bit of fun by continuing to keep their faces hidden from each other during a night full of games and passion.

Get to know these two game-playing lovers before they even know each other in The Wager, a prequel to the new novel in the Playing Games series, Game Changer.


Rene Folsom just ripped my heart out and skipped away with it laughing. Like Regina in Once Upon a Time (yes the t.v. show) Folsom probably has an entire wall of hearts she has stolen from unsuspecting victims. I fear what she is going to do to my heart in the next book in the series, but I find myself unable to resist the pull to read it anyway. 

First of all, I love these characters. Science fiction writing gaming chick and science fiction loving game developer is a match made in heaven. I also personally found them both really relatable, like I'm pretty sure I could be best friends with both of them, we'd be BFF's, except we'd never actually use that terminology for it, and because I just did in a non-sarcastic way, they will no longer even consider being friends with me. 

This story is told in alternating dual POV, which I usually really enjoy, and this book was no different. I like being able to see both sides of the story as it progresses, especially in cases like this one where the story continues through the POV changes, rather than the POV change resulting in a repeat of what we just read. This dual POV really helped me get inside each characters head. 

Overall I give this story 6 out of 5 stars because it made me break my husband's "no book buying in December" rule. I seriously don't even have time to read Game Changer yet, but I have it on my Kindle now. This story equals awesome. 

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