Thursday, January 23, 2014


"Leona, a woman in her late twenties who has been dreaming about a guy that she doesn't know finally sees him in real life one day, but she doesn't approach him out of bizarreness of the whole situation and that leaves her with an feeling of missed opportunity, so when life gives her a second chance she grabs it with both hands.

Nathaniel, a police officer who's been on a hunt to find his brother's killer for over a year now turns out to be a dreamguy in real life too, and while things are going great between the two of them, Leona's long life friendship with her dear friend Naomi isn't.

Resenting the thought of having to choose between the two of them she and her two friends Alyssa and Alexandra come up with an idea to whisk Naomi away for a little holiday in the hopes that after they'd spend some quality time together things would finally go back to the way it used to be, but it doesn't and when Marcus, Naomi's current boyfriend who followed them out there confesses something to Leona that she really wished he hadn't, she keeps finding it harder and harder to even look her best friend in the eyes without feeling like the worst friend ever....

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4 stars!!

I am reviewing this book for Just Another Girl and Her Books blog. I really liked this story. It has romance, sex, mystery, suspense. A little bit of everything basically. It kept me on my toes while reading it. Leona has dreams about her dream man, only to actually see him and then later meet him. Nathaniel is awesome, but he is keeping some secrets. Well, they both are really. The other characters are great, except for Marcus, who is a complete tool. I will definitely be reading the next one.  ~Tonya

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