Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I got to read and review this good series.  First book is Freeing Alex

 A good read about a 42 yr old woman getting out of a horrible marriage of 22 years.  The ups and downs that she has to go thru once she has left her husband.  And how she was finally able to leave him.  Secrets come out and she learns about herself and about what love really is.  I loved how Alex isn't one of the depressed woman, that can't do anything.  She is actually trying to regain and find herself again.

The second book of the Series is Loving Alex

It is a continuation, picking up right where the first book left off in the life of Alex Drake.  More secrets come to light and more surprises.  I really liked the strength that she showed in the book.  She had some set backs, and breakdowns, but she pushed through them with the help of loved ones.

I will be getting the 3rd book when it comes out, I want to see what happens :)

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