Friday, October 16, 2020


 Hey y'all. So I've been pretty much radio silent for about two years now. I posted earlier this year about being back, maybe, and I'm glad I included the maybe since I was clearly not back in any meaningful way. Now I don't remember what all I talked about in that post, and I'm not going back to re-read it, so I may repeat myself some here, but please bear with me on that, since that post was written several months and a whole pandemic ago. 

Anyway, I'm transitioning this blog into more of a lifestyle blog for myself. The main focus will still almost certainly be books because they are still a huge part of my life, and pretty much a defining characteristic about me as a person, but I probably won't be posting many book reviews because I simply don't have all that much time to read books just for fun (and I've decided to stop reviewing books I've proofread here on the blog, although I may provide a star rating with spotlight posts. I haven't decided on that yet.) 

I would love to be able to sit here and give a brief idea of what I will end up talking about in the future, but honestly, my life is pretty much a hot mess express (and that was true even before Covid), so I think you're just going to have to be as surprised by my posts as I am. One thing that I currently intend on talking about here is my journey towards more earth friendly life choices. 

For example, a while back, I found shampoo and conditioner bars at my local grocery store and bought a whole bunch of them to try out. I've now gone through all the shampoo bars and need to replenish, but it's so much easier to just buy the bottles of shampoo available at the store than it is to find quality shampoo bars online (maybe, searches on Amazon don't yield super positive results in my opinion). I recently clicked a sponsored ad for shampoo bars on Facebook though, which resulted in a lot more sponsored ads in my feed, so I spent the past half hour or so comparing prices on all the different sites. For now, I kind of intend to buy at least one product from all of them, and probably a few from most of them as scent varieties are different and I'm a big fan of getting free shipping. I've already placed orders on two different sites, so now we shall see how long it takes them to arrive and just what I think of them. While a part of me is concerned about price overall, quality of product will also be a factor for me, since I can purchase from all of these sites via PayPal (where all of my proofreading income hangs out until I find something I wanna buy online where I can pay with PayPal). 

Beyond that, once again I hope to post a bit more consistently around here, I just need to figure out how that's going to look with working a day job and moonlighting as a proofreader, all while being a wife and mother as well. Wish me luck. - Katie 

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