Friday, July 27, 2018

*Book Blogger Hop* 27 July 2018

We are on to a new week for the Book Blogger Hop hosted by the lovely folks over at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. This weeks questions is:
Do you agree or disagree with this statement: A blogger's first name should be in a prominent place on his/her blog. (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews)
Neither. There is a little too much nuance to my answer for a simple yes or no. While I sign off all my blog posts with my actual first name, I don't think that every blogger should if they don't want to. Having been the victim of harassment because of a negative review, I can understand why bloggers might want to maintain some anonymity and not use their real names. That being said, I do think that they should have a name (be it real or a pseudonym) posted prominently on their blog so that it's clear that a specific person is behind the posts. If a blog has multiple bloggers, all of their names should be listed somewhere. That way readers can get a better feel for who the blogger is.

Your thoughts? - Katie

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  1. I would never put my full name on my blog, but I do put my first name.

    I like to know someone's first name so I can politely address them.

    Thanks for your great answer, Katie.

  2. I agree! I like being able to address a blogger using their name, but I totally understand the need for privacy.

    My BBH

  3. I completely agree! I think everyone should have some sort of name but I totally understand some bloggers not wanting to disclose their actual name. Great answer Katie! I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. I like to have something to call someone. I would feel silly addressing you as "Just Another Girl" and get irked when people call me "Herding" lol