Sunday, September 10, 2017

Crazy Train

Tickets! Get your tickets to the Crazy Train here. One free ticket per person please. This is a ride you won't want to miss. 

There is apparently something in the air that is bringing the crazy out in folks lately. One day I have an author post a snarky comment on like a three year old review, then a couple days later a crazy from my past returns for another round of harassment.

If you've been with me a while, you may remember my blog post from a little over three years ago titled Author Bullying: When the Shoe is on the Author's Foot, but if not, you can get acquainted with it now simply by clicking the title (it'll open in another window for you). After I created that blog post, there was more drama on Amazon, which has largely been lost to Amazon deletion (I was not a screenshot expert at that point in time, and never would have imagined that I'd possibly need screenshots from it three years later. I was such a sweet summer child). But if you are so inclined, here is the link to my review on Amazon where you can read the comments that survived from myself and other people that stumbled upon the review (I seriously have no idea where they came from) that can give you a general idea of what was going down.

At this point, you might be wondering why I'm bothering to blog about this again. That's simple really. After this author spammed several of the public posts on my Facebook wall (I was super easy to find because I won her book through a Goodreads giveaway, so she had my name, although I use my real name on Goodreads as well, and I'm the only Katie Harder-Schauer in existence. If you want to see the harassment first-hand, it should still be visible on my wall, feel free to search me on Facebook), and then eventually blocked me when I challenged her to provide proof of her assertions (among other things which we will get to, I promise), she also choose to come anonymously comment right here on this very blog.

While I had initially intended to blog about the harassment on my personal profile, after some thought, I had decided to just leave it be as long as she did (I was getting ready to go on vacation and had other things to worry about already), but she had to go and comment on a blog post with her asinine assertions, which shows me that I can't trust that this will be the end of her harassment. So I'm publicly documenting her harassment, and since most of the interactions you will see here took place in a public forum (with the exception of the Goodreads message screenshots you'll see here in a second) I have no qualms about sharing this crazy ride with all of you. 

The Backstory

So I already shared the link to my original blog post, but in case you're too lazy to go read a whole other post and because I'm much better at taking screenshots now, we're going to run through the original drama/harassment. 

So I won a copy of her book on Goodreads and she pretty much immediately sent me a message congratulating me on the win. 
So the first message from her wasn't bad. I wasn't exactly excited about the win because my husband was just starting a three year contract in Germany where I don't speak the language and job opportunities on base are few and far between (especially the base my husband was working at). I wasn't exactly preparing to be applying for jobs in the near future, but figured the book could maybe come in handy when we return to the states. 

I don't know how long I had had the book in my possession at this point, but I'm pretty sure it had only been a couple weeks and I had several other Goodreads wins that had arrived before this. At that point, I was trying to read them in order. 
So her next message was a little bit worse than the first. Just because I had received the book does not mean that I had read it yet (and I hadn't when she sent the message or I would have already shared my thoughts on the book because I'm obsessive about marking books as read on Goodreads as soon as I finish them). But since this book was significantly shorter than others that arrived before it, I decided to go ahead and read it since she was taking the initiative to reach out to me about it. It wouldn't take THAT long to read after all, just a couple of days. 

So I read it. And then I wrote this review. 

I put a fair amount of thought and effort into this review, trying to detail exactly what didn't work for me in the book. 
Now I understand that getting a two-star review sucks. I stand by my statement from my review that a competent editor could have prevented that from happening. It took me copying the review to Amazon (which due to major issues getting internet connected in Germany, took a few days as I was waiting for our high speed internet to reset so I could actually get online on my computer where copy and pasting is much easier than my iPad) for the "fun" to begin. 

Well that escalated quickly. 
So at this time, I had copy and pasted several reviews in one day on Amazon, two of them happened to be by black authors. Both of those books were two star reads for me. This one for the reasons mentioned above. The other one because of poor character development, a weak plot line, and probably excessive grammar and spelling issues (I think, I don't remember for sure, but I know it fell flat for me). But here's the thing, the other book that she referenced, I was reading because I'd signed up for a blog tour for the second book in the series (it sounded really good). When the first book disappointed me, I noticed that Tonya (who was reviewing here at the time) had rated it highly, so I asked her if she would take over the blog tour review for me because she had a much better chance of enjoying the second book. She agreed and everything was dandy. And that author did not go off on me because I two-starred her book (although I can't read anything else by her now because I worry that my opinion of the book will be negatively affected by her association with this nonsense, even though she probably doesn't even KNOW that she's associated with this nonsense). 

And as far as that comment about kids books goes, at that point in time, if my kids clamored for me to read a kids book to them more than once, it got five stars from me. And I reviewed those books because I believe that having a high verified to non-verfied review ratio helps keep my non-verified reviews from being deleted by Amazon (I haven't lost reviews in any of Amazons purges in the past three years).  I have since adjusted my kids book rating scale some. 

But wait, there's more!
This message really had me stumped, honestly. Like what person believes that someone reads thousands of books in days? (I add lots of books to my to-read shelf on Goodreads daily as I enter giveaways, but I certainly don't read that many books that quickly.) And like I mentioned above, I had gone on a review copy and pasting spree because my internet had reset. I tried to explain that to her...

My single reply on Goodreads. 
I think this one is pretty self-explanatory since it's from my side to begin with (so I shouldn't need to elaborate on what I was trying to get at or what I was thinking at the time).  On a side note, I find the numbers that I quoted at the beginning rather cute now as my to-read shelf has over 100K books on it and I have 31 books that I'm currently reading. 

This message didn't make it into my original blog post because I received it after publishing said post. 
It was at about this point that I started to wonder if she had commented on my review on Amazon too. I actually didn't realize there was anything there until after I published my original post about this craziness. I find it interesting that she interpreted my comment about insane claims (because it IS insane to claim that someone read thousands of books in days!) as saying that she's insane, but she clearly did. It's also telling that she didn't bother to read my response. I wonder if she ever bothered to read my response. And while it's true that I do get a lot of free books from Goodreads giveaways, I also one-click quite a bit too and buy loads of books at the thrift store now that I live close to one again. 

And I didn't bother taking a screenshot of her last message (which was sent after the back and forth on Amazon) because it's clearly visible in this screenshot and a few others because of the way Goodreads displays messages. 

Present Day

So fast-forward three years, four months, and some days and I wake up one morning (afternoon. I'd been up late the night before finishing a proofreading job) to seven notifications from one person. Guess who! (In the interest of saving space and because her comment is the exact same in all seven posts, I have combined screenshots some). 

I'm not sure I took these screenshots in order.
Here's one and two.

Three and four. 

Five and six.

And seven.

This was a weird thing to wake up to. For one thing, I'm not sure what she's even talking about for most of it. Like I get her calling me a racist. That's old news from her. I haven't called anyone gay who wasn't out as gay since I was an immature teenager (and I feel horrible about my teenage self's actions now that I'm older and wiser). I'm not the type of person that threatens violence under normal circumstances. I don't think I even know anyone who lives in Missouri, but if I do, they live on the Missouri side of Kansas City (I'm originally from Kansas, by the way, in case you're not aware of that). And my friends from Texas are mostly the Platypires (who are big proponents of reading diversely) and a few military spouse friends who are simply currently stationed in Texas. And I think she means Sandra Bland, the black woman who was found dead in her jail cell, hung up by plastic garbage bags after a routine traffic stop that resulted in her arrest because she was smoking a cigarette, if I remember correctly. 

But she said she has screenshots, and if those things exist, I want to see them. Because maybe I got drunk some night and went crazy on Facebook and actually did say the things she claims. So I asked to see the screenshots. 

So conversation pretty much immediately devolved. I probably shouldn't have expected any better, but at heart, I'm a bit of an optimist. At this point, I would like to address her claim that she's just seeing what "us creeps" wrote. One of my friends posited that stuff pertaining to this drama just recently showed up in her Facebook memories and that's why she came back. The only problem with that is that the original drama was in April, three years ago. She wouldn't be seeing memories from April in August. So something inspired her to look me up on Facebook now, and then scroll through over three years of public posts to discover this one (why I posted it publicly I don't know, but since it was public when the harassment restarted, I'm going to leave it as such because I guarantee it's where she got the screenshots she claims to have from. I just spent half an hour combing through my timeline review to find that post. And I did find the gay reference. I was not the one who said it. And I think it's pretty clear it was sarcasm.) 

So how old am I? Well I'm 33 now, I was 30 when the original drama happened. Maybe I should have asked her how old she was thinking that harassing someone on social media is a good idea. Missed opportunity right there. Do I have a degree? Nope. Dropped out of college because I felt isolated going to school out of state, got depressed, and stopped going to class. I was going to fail out if I didn't drop out. I moved back to Kansas, but not back in with my parents, and supported myself 100% until I met my husband. I do rely on him to support me at the moment, now that I've moved 1/3 of the way across the world with him because of his job, to a country where I don't speak the language and therefore cannot readily get a job to help pay the household bills. I did pose with a private part (although I personally prefer to just call it a penis) because it's my belief that you don't go to the Sex Museum in Amsterdam and NOT take a picture with the six foot tall phallus. Most people wouldn't make it one of their five featured photos on Facebook, but I'm not most people (you can see the unsolicited dick pic by searching for me on Facebook at Katie Harder-Schauer). 

I would invite you to click that link that I shared in the paragraph above these two screenshots to see that my post didn't mention her by name, nor did it include her picture or a plea to my friends to harass her on any public forum they may find. In fact, I specifically asked me friends NOT to engage with her on this issue. 

I have no idea what she's talking about with that bluff present comment. Even after finding the post she must be referring to. 

My friends discovered the drama (thanks to Facebook putting posts that are being commented on at the top of people's newsfeeds now). I truly believe that Adrianna and April's initial comments were trying to lighten the mood some. And I did chuckle, but as you can see, I did not react to their posts because I was trying to keep things civil I guess...or as civil as they could possibly be while I was being repeatedly called a racist for leaving a two-star review on a book (and then talking about the subsequent harassment from the author with my friends on Facebook). 

So here you can see her threatening to call the employers of my friends and family because I'm a racist. I'm not sure who the nurses are that she's referring to, so I guess my nurse friends should be worried, maybe, except I can't recall any of the ones I can think of being blatantly racist on my posts, so yeah. The Covet Fashion comment makes me giggle because she apparently doesn't realize it's an app. It's listed as one of my past jobs because someone I added on Facebook purely for having more friends while playing the game suggested it as a job (which I accepted because I assume they use that for classifying their friends lists some, and having that on my Facebook profile doesn't hurt anything. I used to have Farm Town listed under my previous employment.) 

These two photos are pretty self-explanatory I think, and don't really involve me, but they were on my post and I'm all about full-disclosure.

Then Lenora claims that other people had posted on this thread and then deleted their posts. April sets her straight. No one deleted any comments (unless they commented and then almost immediately deleted them, because I was pretty on top of the thread the whole time). Then she claims that I'm from a town with over 18 white supremacy groups. I'm baffled by where she got that number from because I did a Google search for white supremacy groups in Kansas and found one link that lists three hate groups, two in Wichita and then the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka (I'm not from either of those two cities). I spent my formative years in two small towns. The school system for the first 14 years of my life encompassed the entire county where my town was located. I think my class consisted of around 70 students. Then we moved to a smaller town. I graduated in a class of just 25 people. The average family in that town had four children. I'm not sure that town even consists of 18 distinct family trees because pretty much everyone is related to everyone else somehow. (I thought that'd make getting a boyfriend easier because I was fresh meat, not related to everyone. It didn't. Everyone just dated people from nearby towns.) 

And sadly she blocked me, April and Adrianna just before Judith got her comment posted, so Lenora never got to see it. Which is sad. Judith isn't my arch-nemesis for nothing (although I think Lenora may be vying for the title). 

So if you happen to see a random anonymous comment calling me a racist, just know that Lenora is up to her old tricks. 

And this concludes this leg of the journey on the crazy train. We hope you have enjoyed the ride and that you will consider us in the future for all of your crazy needs. - Katie

Welcome back to the crazy train! Boy have we got a ride for you today. 

Update! It seems that Lenora has decided to blast me on her business page on Facebook, showing random screenshots from my Facebook page that don't show what she's claiming I've done, but hey, screenshots are screenshots right? Feel free to check out the post here.

Alright, so since the above linked post is likely to be deleted at some point (or maybe her dummy page where she posted it will be shut down by Facebook because she is using it to harass me), I've got more screenshots for you, and there are a whole lot, a few from her page, several from my Facebook page, and then a whole bunch from Sofia the Great because when she perceives injustice, she pretty much always steps up to bat in an attempt to do whatever she can to correct it, and she decided that this harassment was unjust. So here we go.

This is the post that was linked on the post sharing the review for News of the World that Joood - Hooligan shared with us yesterday. So let's just ignore that she got my blog name wrong. In any case, she's back with her accusations of my racism, but it's the exact same accusations she's leveled against me before with no proof to show for it, so it's really nothing new. What's interesting about this post is her definition of doxxing. Well that and the fact that apparently in her mind calling me racist in response to me posting a two star review of her book equals her simply disagreeing with me.

This post is accompanied by several random screenshots from what is publicly viewable on my personal profile on Facebook, which any of you can see by searching for my name on Facebook (again, I'm the only one of me in existence, but if you happen to find two profiles with my name, shoot me a message so I can see what fake me is posting.) These screenshots include such damning things as me sharing a sale on the ebook of The Color Purple when it was available for just 9 pennies, me mentioning that three days after moving into our current house I met the local Jehovah's Witnesses, a picture of me eating black olives off my fingers (like you're supposed to!), and a picture of me posing with a six foot tall phallus, along with a few other random posts.

So a person comments on her post asking her a question, and is immediately attacked for daring to comment at all. Also, that person immediately became the definition of dox, because again, Lenora does not know what doxxing is, even after this person provided the definition with examples for her. 

So she claims to have been silent "four" years now, and while that's almost true, she was essentially silent for 3 1/2 years, she was just harassing me on my personal profile two months ago, and a couple days later came to this very blog to harass me some more. But the thing is, I was silent all that time too. I have not been going around talking about this nonsense for the past 3 1/2 years because I thought it was done. I thought she'd gotten her irritation at receiving a low star review out of her system and had moved on with her life. I was proven wrong, but before her harassment on my personal profile, I had not thought about her or her book in many months. 

For anyone that's interested, here is the definition of doxxing. 

Another person visits her post and tries to make sense of what she's seeing. She's asking for more information about what's going on, which Lenora keeps insisting she has and is willing to share with people, but she then refuses to actually share it. I apparently failed to get the follow-up screenshot where she told B.S. that she didn't care who or what she was because associating with me makes her a racist just like me, and she proved it simply by commenting on this post (or something to that effect). 

Now I'm going to get a little out of order here to keep this segment of the post with the comments on her post. 

So a person who I happen to be Facebook friends with because of Covet Fashion (that app that Lenora thought was a legitimate job before) saw my share of this post on my profile (I mean, it's about me so I should be able to share it right?) She elected to provide a suggestion to Lenora that she should take this post down because she's guilty of slander with her unsupported accusations. But she also knew that she would be blocked and attacked because there was discussion of that on the post on my profile, since she'd done it to R.W. and B.S. already. 

And sure enough, S.C. was attacked. Because that's the way Lenora works. If you say anything to her, she's going to attack you. I find her comment about the "one star you racist give Obama" somewhat humorous considering this review I gave to Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama (it's a very short review because it was before my blogging days.) 

And another person comments and gets called a racist simply for commenting. And I'm not sure if that last part of Lenora's response is a threat, her grammar is rather atrocious at times, so it can be hard to tell what she's actually trying to say. 

Now here is pretty much a direct threat from Lenora to C.A. Also, notice the edit to her previous attack on C.A. She has a bad habit of editing her comments. 

So that wraps up the screen shots I was able to obtain from her post, although Facebook was being somewhat wonky yesterday with the comments on her post. Sometimes the other commenters comments showed, other times they didn't. As of right now, they all appear to have been deleted to me, but maybe some of them are still there and you'd see them. I really don't know. But screenshots are forever. Now on to the comments between Lenora and I on my blog's Facebook page. 

So she shares the link to her post, I share the link to this post, and then we get her rant. She's not wrong about there not being black people in the communities where I grew up. They were small towns with almost no diversity. I'm hardly responsible for where my parents chose to live when I was a child though. I was also as much of an outcast as anyone from a small town can be because I was a bookworm rather than an athlete. But I had friends, and being a small town, the number of friends I had wasn't much less than the number of friends the popular kids had. But I wouldn't expect someone who grew up in a city like Chicago to really understand that. I know I can't really fathom what it would be like going to schools the size of the ones in big cities, in spite of the fact that that is what is portrayed in books and movies. 

Her claims that I sent people to her talking about crashing a business are interesting though. Remember I said I was posting the comments from her page somewhat out of order for how the events actually played out. You may remember that S.C. was the first person that said anything that could even be construed as talking about ruining a business with her comment about me taking Lenora for all she's worth. But the screenshot for S.C.'s comment has a timestamp of 4:13 a.m. Meanwhile, I took this screenshot at 1:23 a.m., almost three whole hours before that. Nobody else that commented on her post said anything about crashing a business. 

And apparently I look crazy, but how else are you supposed to look when you're fondling a six foot phallus? 

But I can roll with her insults about my appearance. I really could use a full makeover because I missed out on that girly gene that helps you understand things like makeup and makes you feel like you actually need to shave your legs if you're going to wear shorts or a skirt. And my fashion sense is laughable. Many of the ladies that frequent OSMW (Overly Sensitive Military Wives) would refer to my current wardrobe as "Adult Garanimals" but I don't care because I'm not trying to impress anyone. 

Based on her comment here, I apparently have some children running around that I wasn't aware of. I mean I'm only tracking the 8-year-old and the 6-year-old, which while they're kind of close together in age, they are not abnormally close in age, and I haven't had a new kid in over six years because I got myself spayed when the little one was delivered. So she's talking smack about my perfectly average-sized family. Am I on welfare? Nope. My husband makes plenty of money to support our family. Am I taking advantage of him? Only if discussing with him how me being a stay at home mom and homeschooling our children at the moment makes more financial sense than putting them in the DoDDS schools and me getting a minimum wage job during the school day that will not even cover the taxes we'd pay on the cost of his company paying for them to attend the DoDDS schools in the first place equals taking advantage of him. That's assuming I could even land a job on base in the first place, because they're not exactly easy to come by. 

Then she claims that she only responded because I'd posted her pic (the screenshot of her message to me on Goodreads calling me a dumb hillbilly sloppy *#&($*(# witch). A screenshot that I would have had no reason to take had she not been harassing me on Goodreads and Amazon. Don't throw stones and then cry wolf indeed Lenora. And I still have no clue what she's even getting at claiming that my "trolling friends" went from site to site trying to speak about someone they had no contact with. I'd love to see her proof of this assertion she keeps making, but I'm betting she doesn't have any because it didn't actually happen. And as far as me having no contact with her, I believe the screenshots from Goodreads prove that to be false. 

So apparently I should have stayed in my lane...but, well, I was staying in my lane. This blog was started like two months before I won her book on Goodreads. I was establishing myself as a book reviewer already before her book arrived. I hadn't yet decided to review all books I read here on the blog, but I had already started reviewing all books I read on Goodreads and was working super hard to remember to post those reviews to Amazon too. Reading and reviewing books IS my lane. All I DID to her was post an honest two star review of her book. Once again, I will point out that I literally do not know most of the people that commented on my review of her book on Amazon. I was baffled to see the number of people commenting, trying to convince Lenora that all of her ranting posts were just making her look bad and likely turning potential buyers off her book. 

I don't recall crying about her posting my pics. I mean, I literally said "Thanks for posting my pic here" for crying out loud. I have that pic publicly posted on my profile. I think it's a hoot. Unless she's talking about the random screenshots she posted that don't actually prove what she's trying to prove. But on that count I'm really just asking her to up her game, repeatedly to no effect. 

So she's making it pretty clear that she's a giant prude. She refuses to use the word penis, or even phallus (maybe she doesn't know phallus). Then claiming that posing with a giant penis is just nasty. And lord have mercy her poor little virgin ears just can't handle my occasional sentence enhancers. I like the idea of being a phone sex operator though. I mean a job where I wouldn't even have to get dressed for the day? Awesome. 

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, except for her second comment which I can't make sense of at all (unless it's somehow in reference to me being a phone sex operator...I really don't know). Once again she claims my friends told her to come to Texas and Missouri, with absolutely no proof to back up that assertion. So once again, I asked for proof. Do you think I got it? 

No. The answer is no. 

So this comment, like wow. First of all, the woman who has said at least once that she'll say what she wants, when she wants, where she wants is coming at me about me posting comments on my own pages? I'm not sure where she gets the idea that "a black better not say not one word [I] don't approve of whether right or wrong" though. Really, if I felt she shouldn't have a voice, wouldn't I have just deleted all of her comments offhand (I probably should have just deleted all of her comments offhand, but the optimist in me thinks one of these days she'll actually provide that proof she claims she has). And I have issues with reality and hide behind books. Okay. I mean, I tend to prefer book worlds to the real world, sure, because book worlds are predictable. Seriously, if Lenora was written into a book exactly as she's been acting, would you find that character believable? I don't think I would. And the mystery books? I don't even like mystery books that much, it's not a genre I tend to seek out at least. 

And there it is. I sold the idea to authors that I am the go to person...for something...Maybe she's referencing my proofreading. If so, I'd welcome any of my authors that aren't pleased with my services and that feel I didn't do a good job eliminating their errors to come forward and let the world know about your bad experience with me. However, I've worked on multiple books for several authors (and the first one was an author that I beta read for before starting my business, so she knew exactly what she was getting from me when she hired me), so I must be doing something right. I really don't think I'd get repeat business if I did a shitty job. 

Then she advises me to stop having all those babies...the babies that I stopped having years before I ever heard the name Lenora Johnson. Then she talks about my lack of degree. I have never pretended to have a degree. I have let my work speak for itself. I have built my business through word of mouth and some shameless self-promo on IABB confessions. But because I have always hidden myself in book worlds, since I was a child, I DO have a very good grasp on the English language, and I did quite well in English classes in school, and scored perfectly on the English portion of the ACT (the mid-western standardized test similar to the SAT). But I also know my limitations and when to use Google to make sure I'm making the right corrections. 

And I got jokes...Sadly, I'm not sure she got the joke. 

So apparently she copied any random comment from the posts I share on my profile publicly that she thinks might show who I really am...and according to her, she shared them earlier yesterday. Meaning all her random screenshots are basically all she has against me. And I don't think they show what she thinks they show. 

Then she claims she has more Great Britain blood than me...which is a very strange claim to make since I've never had a DNA test done, so I haven't a clue how much Great Britain blood I have (although she's probably right because my ancestry that I know of is primarily Scotch-Irish and German). I'm not surprised that an African-American woman would have British DNA though. I know what slaveowners did to their female slaves. And if that wasn't enough, I also know that interracial relationships are a thing (although based on her comment, the British DNA seems to be a bit of a shock to her so, I guess make of that what you will.) 

And then she harps on my lack of a degree some more. Because she feels the need to prove that she's better than me. I concede that she has achieved a higher level of education than me, but that was never really up for debate. 

Pretty self-explanatory, yes?

And now I don't have the qualifications to be telling anyone anything. Apparently you need degrees and certificates to do everything. I sure wish I'd been informed of this at some point in my life, because that information has come as a bit of a shock. So apparently I'm just plain old white trash from a small southern town (Kansas is not technically a southern state, by the way), who only looked forward to getting married. And I had my children young (I'm 33 and my oldest is 8. I'll let you do the math, but I wasn't particularly young when I had him). Oh, and they do not go to school at all. Well, jokes on her because I spent two years in college before isolation related depression led to me dropping out (I discussed this earlier in this post). After that point, I couldn't afford to go back to school. 

And her second comment with a quote that I never said. The closest I can reckon is that she's referring to my friend Robin's comment that she took a screenshot of, where Robin was quoting Lenora's stated plans from her Amazon rants (that as I mentioned were all deleted by Amazon, but she edited them so many times the originals wouldn't still be up anyway.) She's literally attributing her own words to my friends (I think). 

Then she claims I had a pic she did not know I I guess she doesn't really understand how social media works in general, because the pic of her is her Goodreads profile picture (or was her Goodreads profile picture 3 1/2 years ago), which was in the shot because she sent me a message. Like I'm not sure you want to be taking job seeking advice from a woman who claims to be a social media expert who doesn't know that when you send a message to someone on a social media site (and Goodreads IS a social media site) that they will then have that picture. 

And I didn't go get 10+ people within seconds of posting the review to troll her. Like my post (the one on my profile that I linked to forever ago) showed, I didn't even know she'd commented on my Amazon review for a while, and her comment on Amazon was the first one (not that you can tell because it's been deleted by Amazon. Had I known all this was going to still be happening 3+ years later, I would have taken screenshots.) And even if you check Amazon now, it's been so long that you just see "3 years ago" as when all the comments were posted, no timestamps to show just how much time passed between the review being posted and the comments. I can't prove my innocence on this one, but she can't prove my guilt either. And her pic didn't end up on my wall until she called me a dumb hillbilly sloppy &#($&*(#$ witch. I don't feel guilty for sharing that screenshot with my friends. 

Pretty self-explanatory. The comment about hiring a lawyer is not entirely an empty threat. It's something being discussed in my house. 

She thinks I'm crazy for thinking I don't need a degree, and states I shouldn't speak in any "compacity" (capacity) because I don't have one. Once again, the woman who has said she will say what she wants, when she wants, where she wants, is essentially telling me I should just shut my mouth and be silent, on MY page. Double standard much Lenora?

Apparently everyone I know, knows that I'm a racist. (This actually inspired me to post on my wall asking everyone who knows I'm a racist to raise their hand. One of my brother's high school friends, who they literally called "Jackass" raised his hand, another person commented that it's on the internet so it must be true, my sister raised her hand because she's a hag, Joood - Hooligan raised her hand because she's my arch-nemesis, and S.C. asked me who was calling me a racist and then looked at the rest of the drama going on and decided to post on Lenora's post.) 

So she goes on to play the victim some more, about me sending my trolls to her page, ignoring the fact that she shared the link to her post on a public blog page in the first place. I mean, I can't control my friends. I can ask them not to engage, but I can't make them listen. And I understand why they did what they did. If one of my friends was going through what I'm going through with Lenora, I would jump right in to defend them by this point too. My friends respected my wishes 3 1/2 years ago when I asked them not to engage, but Lenora just won't stop. But I refused to comment on her post myself because I KNEW she would just block me and delete my comments, and then I wouldn't be able to see anything else she said about me on her dummy page. Contrary to her beliefs, I'm not stupid. I don't always make the best decisions (i.e. the 6 foot dick pic), but I'm not stupid. I'm going to keep myself in a position to see it when she decides to pop back up to smear me again. 

She claims she'll come back at me if I mention her again, but I hadn't mentioned her for two months, not since September 10th when I originally published this screenshot documentation. It's not like her name was on or in the review that she commented on with the link to her post. I hadn't even written the review. It was Joood's review contribution for the week. So what's her excuse for popping up and yelling that I'm a racist exactly? Because it's not me talking about her. I would love nothing more than to never see the name Lenora Johnson again. 

Oh my goodness, she finally shared something new! Her smoking gun where I called her gay. Except, I didn't. My sister said "I bet she's gay, and you hate gays too." because my family is adept at sarcasm and uses it pretty much all the time. That's how we communicate with each other. But Lenora kept claiming that me and my friends called her gay repeatedly, and it happened one time, and it wasn't me. 

There she goes on repeat again, repeating her lies with no proof to back them up. It's almost like a broken record. Notice the "I was called by her and her trolls 'gay'" when her evidence of this is simply one person saying it. Not me, and not plural. And there she goes using doxxed inaccurately, again. A Princess Bride gif would be super appropriate here, but I don't do gifs on blog posts. And she's sure that I'll delete the comment in spite of the fact that I haven't deleted any of the others (because that's what SHE would do, but I have slightly more integrity than she does. Only slightly, I realize this isn't exactly a noble thing to be doing.) 

I deleted everything else? Strange considering the fact that it's all still on my blog page right now, as I put this together. I will say that maybe she can't see all the comments any more because Facebook has been acting extra wonky the past couple of days (and I just checked and Facebook did hide her first comment with the dick pic in it, but I haven't got a clue how Facebook decides which posts to hide because the one in this screenshot isn't hidden). 

Then she asks me to explain a screenshot that shows me saying "Well, I am bullying her after all because she said something back to me about "my review" except her response was about me personally, and false." She'd said I was bullying her, in multiple comments on Amazon (you might be able to get the gist of that from the comments that remain on the review actually)...I'm not really sure what she wants me to explain though. 

I'm just explaining to her what I just explained to you, mostly.

In the interest of full disclosure, my reply to her comment you saw earlier. 

The rest of my reply. 

Oh good, she took her trolling to another post on my blog page (the one just below the linked one. It was my Stacking the Shelves post for the week. 

Is what she's doing to me gas lighting? (Like I really don't fully understand the concept of gas lighting.) 

Yes, I know. If I just ignored her and didn't respond, maybe this drama would die...but with her, I'm really not sure that's actually the case since she sought out my personal Facebook profile after 3 1/2 years to harass me some more. Like I said, this is the character you wouldn't believe was real if she was in a book. 

So a bit before I made these last three screenshots, Sofia the Great went to bat on my behalf. I had not asked her to, but I love her to death for having my back, especially the way she did it. 

Sofia is the screenshot master, first of all. She is the woman who taught me the importance of the screenshot for all social media drama that you may need to document. So she went and commented on Lenora's post, but took screenshots of her comment and then posted them on her page as well, where Lenora couldn't delete them. That post also got shared to the Platypire Reviews page, so you'll see random comments in here from Platypire Reviews as well. I tried to keep the screenshots in order, but it's possible that didn't happen. In any case, watch as Lenora goes on to attack someone else, simply because they stood up for me. I'm going to mostly let the screenshots speak for themselves here. 

I do feel the need to interject here. Apparently Lenora knows my sister's mind, even though, by her own admission, she's never met her. "But she used the word hate and I just know she meant it." Obviously a screenshot taken out of context is enough to vilify me as a homophobe. 

I feel like maybe this belongs above the screenshot right above here based on context, but time stamps show later.

It's true. Sofia has never been to my house, because the entire time we've known each other, I've lived in Germany and she has lived in the US. And yet, I interact with her much more frequently than I do with people here in Germany who have been to my house, so I'm not sure what Lenora thinks that proves.

Apparently just over two hours equals all morning. Who knew.

And now Sofia is an outcast too. 

A screenshot of a screenshot, this is so meta. And you can clearly tell that my first comment in the screenshot is in response to something not posted, you know because it doesn't support Lenora's argument. 

I so wished I could have seen Lenora's comments when she said this (I only have the screenshots though because she blocked me). Seriously, how fucked up is her second comment? 

Is posing with a six foot phallus threatening? 

And that concludes the screenshots that I got from Sofia (although I feel like I missed a couple in there maybe. I don't know. It was pretty rapid fire for a while and Lenora is all over the place in her comments that it's hard to follow the train of thought going on at any point in time in the first place. And she never did tell Sofia the Great what was so racist about my review, even after Sofia the Great asked like three times. 

And another leg of the trip is in the books. I refuse to invite you back for the next ride because I don't want to jinx myself. - Katie 

August 13, 2019 Update! 

Recently I got to thinking that I was probably about due for another visit from our "friend" Lenora. It had been a while since the last one (two years in fact). What I didn't expect, was for her to instead go after Sofia the Great of Platypire Reviews and leave me alone, or that she'd have changed her name or created an alternate account on Facebook. But my arch-nemesis shared this screenshot with me from a post on her blog page that was merely pimping out Mariana Zapata's newest release (The Best Thing). The comment has since been removed, and I don't really blame Joood, because this isn't her fight. 

So this comment was posted on Sunday, which is pretty much exactly two years after the last drama occurred (because I'm pretty sure it took me a day from the start of things to originally build this blog post). This at least tells me that she saw something in her Facebook memories that led her to checking up on us. And I'm not sure what she thinks book bloggers do, exactly, but apparently she thinks it's a lucrative business (it's really not), and I can only guess that the comment about Amazon Prime is because at least I posted a bunch of stuff on my page during Prime Day. But I blocked her from my blog page after the last bit of drama, so if she saw my page, that means this is an alternate account (which isn't outside the realm of possibilities. Five bucks says her middle name is Marie). 

So that's where we are at right now. I've got some plans to try and see if she'll comment on my blog page (simply going to promote some books and share some reviews and see if she pops up). Obviously I'll update if she does. 

Katie out. 


  1. If you not afraid of a lawsuit please forward your information so that I can serve you as I tried since this has started. You are hiding off the grid and if I need to contact the US army to serve you I will do just that. No name calling or stigmas will shut me up. You will not shut me up and I wasnt underneath a rock before, during or after the review although you seem to think so. I will be contact the military on Tuesday after the holiday to see where I can go from here with you.

  2. I am about to report you. There are other posts than the one above and as a web administrator I know that you approved what you wanted to approve which is why i printscreen my posts to anyone before sending or publishing. So, I am not at all worried about you. I will be contacting the Military to file a complaint against you and your military behavior Tuesday.