Friday, February 24, 2017

*Movie Review* 50 Shades Darker

So I did it. Tonight I went to see 50 Shades Darker with a friend. There were supposed to be more than two of us, but everyone else got sick, I think. Now, I didn't go see the movie because I desperately wanted to see the movie. I would have been just fine waiting until it was available on DVD and renting it from the shoppette. But when my friend invited me to go with them to watch it, the invitation included dinner at a super amazing sushi restaurant beforehand, and I basically never get to eat good sushi because my husband does not like seafood, especially raw seafood. I would have agreed to go see a Barney the Dinosaur movie if it came with the promise of sushi beforehand.

So I was less than impressed by this movie. That's not surprising though. I don't really like either Dakota Johnson as Anastasia or Jamie Dornan as Christian, and I'm not a major 50 Shades fanatic to begin with. (Again, I was there because of sushi.) While watching the movie, I checked the time at least a half dozen times, just trying to figure out when it would be over already. It would have helped if I'd figured out how long the movie was supposed to last in the first place, but it's too late for that now. If it had been thirty minutes shorter, that would have been just fine by me. There were several scenes that would not have suffered much from a little trimming.

But the movie wasn't all bad. There were a few lines that had me cracking up, like Ana's line early on when Christian asks her to go to dinner with him where she says "Okay. But because I'm hungry." It was a great, well-delivered line. And it wasn't the only one, but I wasn't sitting there taking notes so I can't directly quote any of the others off the top of my head.

Another bonus for the movie, at least for the straight men in the audience, was that there was about 300% more boob-time than in the first movie. And there is not a doubt in my mind that decision was made in part to appeal to the men dragged along to the movie by their significant others. Also, almost every single time Christian and Ana have sex, Christian keeps his pants on. (He does however take his shirt off, a lot.)

Would I see this movie again? No, probably not. Unless by some strange twist of fate my husband wants to watch it after it comes out on DVD because of the extra boob-time (but that's not likely.) If you haven't seen it already because you're like me and interested but not THAT interested, you'll probably want to skip paying the outrageous ticket prices to see it in theaters and just wait to rent it on DVD. - Katie

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