Friday, April 1, 2016

*Review* Squirrel Bait by C.P. Davis

Genre: Fantasy/Humor
Published: February 21, 2016
Pages: 89


Tonya the librarian has an unusual passion for books, even for a librarian. When her books are harmed she takes it personally. When people turn up dead over damaged books, there are questions to answer. When the killer is a weresquirrel, the questions become more confusing. 

There is a certain pretentiousness in classical literature. Elegant writing filled with meaning both astounding and sublime. This is not that. Not horrific enough to be horror, nor humorous enough to be comedy, welcome to Chip’s Dollar Dreadfuls. There may not be any fundamental truths, but there will be much blood.


I wanted to like this book, I really did, but it absolutely failed to impress me. I was promised an absolutely fantastically horrible death by the author and he didn't even deliver on that score. My fictional death was predictable and lame, and I'm not just saying that because I knew I was going to die beforehand.

The characters were all incredibly unrealistic and one-dimensional. There was no depth and no connection I could find with them (well except for our shared love of books.) Their motivations were laughable and ludicrous.

I spent most of the book forcing myself to keep reading, hoping for something to actually pique my interest, but the only part of the book that I really liked was the end because that meant my torment was over.

If all that wasn't bad enough, there were so many spelling errors that about a third of the book was utter nonsense that I had to re-read half a dozen times just to make sense of it.

Overall I give this book 1/2 a star out of 5 stars because it was just that bad (but I have to give it something). I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, not even my worst enemy. Stay far away from this book. - Katie 

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I have not read Squirrel Bait yet, but plan on doing so in the nearish future. If you would like to read some legitimate reviews of Squirrel Bait check out the links below.

About the Author

Chip discovered a passion for travel as a boy when his family moved from Arkansas to Kenya for two years as missionaries. He continued moving regularly as an adult, working construction jobs across several states, until having two school-aged sons dictated that he settle down. Fast forward through 15 years of structural design, the boys are grown and it is time to travel once again.  

Chip's dream is to become like Jack, the main character in his books. He will be traveling, learning new cultures and places, and looking for ways to help people along the way. This, in turn, will fuel the books to come.


  1. HAHAHA. Now go read the book <3 haha You actually got me, I didn't think that would happen today!

    1. YES!!! I wanted to make sure the post looked as much like a real review post as possible. I'm glad to hear it worked at least once. I do plan on reading the book, but I have some books with imminent deadlines that I absolutely have to read first. - Katie

  2. Damn, you got me too! I love the picture you took, LOL

  3. *headdesk* I shoulda known that a half star was a joke.

    1. I thought about doing a negative 1 star and using the Platypires -1 graphic, but thought that would be a huge giveaway. I figured a half star would at least make people curious. :) - Katie