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Title: Midnight
Author: Eve Eschenbacher
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Published: May 4, 2015
Pages: 214


When ordinary girl, Karen, waits out her last year of high school, she hopes for magic. Her small town has nothing for her and she longs for adventure, which she finds at a party of all places. Finally away from the small town minds she meets someone new. Someone, who with a few scratches of ink on her skin, awakens a part of her she never knew about.

All of a sudden Karen is shown a whole new world, and Gabriel wants her to make it hers. All she has to do is love him eternally. Her new life is magical and amazing, until her new powers bring a new threat. Can she do what needs to be done? The sacrifices and decisions that will need to be made--Is she strong enough?

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When psychic powers awaken a new part of her soul, can Karen handle all the changes it brings? A new love, new powers, and a new enemy all threaten to tear her life apart. Will she be strong enough to do what needs done?


She stared at the ink on her arm as she brushed her teeth. It was strange, not just that Gabriel had a fountain pen, but that he’d used it on her arm as well. She felt the rough tip of his fountain pen scratching her skin as he wrote, but now she couldn’t find a single scratch on her arm. Strange. Karen looked closely at the ink marks. It wasn’t quite black ink, it seemed a little blue, and a little grey in the light. There was something else odd about the ink… it seemed to have a faint glow to it. Did it glow like this before? She couldn’t remember, but then again it was a full moon tonight. Everything had a certain glow to it under a full moon. Still, she reached for the light switch and turned the light off. The full moon shone in through the bathroom window, illuminating the writing on Karen’s arm with a blue glow.
"Must have had something in the ink." The glow grew in intensity. It seemed to bleed into her skin. What the fuck? She blinked a few times, trying to clear her mind and her eyesight. The blue glow regrouped and formed lines, traveling up her arm. Karen ran her fingernails up her arm, scratching, panicking a little. She hadn’t seen anything like this before. She had to be imagining it; her eyes had to be playing tricks on her. Suddenly the glow faded, and it was just Karen’s arm and the ink again.
She took a few deep breaths and tried to calm herself. "I must be dead tired. That totally did not just happen. It’s just ink."

About the Author

Eve Eschenbacher lives in the Pacific Northwest with her son and a very fluffy cat. By day she’s a videogame voiceover producer, and by night she writes books and freelances as a Japanese translator. Always with a book and a videogame close at hand, she probably spends too much time looking at screens. Midnight is her first novel.

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